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Breathing in Three-Dimensions

by Confluence
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By:  Ellen Rennell –Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know

We have learned a lot about breathing lately. This Coronavirus is all about how we stay alive as humans by breathing. We vigorously believe that the only way to breathe is through our lungs. However, our body is a breathing machine. Yes, we take in oxygen through our mouth and nose to our lungs, but we can also bring in a breath through our whole bodies. I danced for the first 20 years of my life, and my teachers would implore me to breathe with my whole body! To bring the breath into my arms and legs and my torso. That is why when you see a great dancer they seem to float as they move, they are suspending themselves through their bodies using the ground to launch them into the air, if you hold your breath, you cannot do this! Dancers sense movement through freedom of breath!
After I went to college for dance, I found a new form of movement called Unity in Motion. It taught me how to suspend my body using my connection to the Earth through my legs and the Heavens through the top of my head. I began to experience the energy that I could draw through my whole body to suspend me and allow me to feel the openness of three-dimensions. I found that I had innocently been holding and contracting myself in my torso, hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders and when I was able to release my joints and breath through my whole body I had a new understanding of Balance and Breath. I could release my body into Three-dimensions. Unity in Motion is the technology of this new freedom!
This is a very new concept for many people! To bring in breath through your feet, through your legs, through your arms up into your torso and through the top of your head. The whole body breathing at once, suspended! It brings freedom of movement and release from the fear of breathing that many of us have right now. This can be scary at first, but then exhilarating, allowing us freedom that we never knew before in our bodies and in our life. 
Unity in Motion sees the body as an Energy Field. The framework inside the body suspending us in open movement giving a framework for connection and expansion. And the Energy Field outside the body suspending and supporting us in three-dimensional space.        
This has been a fascinating journey to understanding a new way of breathing and being in the World! A new opportunity to expand my ability to move with freedom and release my closed ideas as to what the body and mind are capable of!  
I am opening this up for you to connect to for yourself.
I am a teacher in Los Angeles of Unity in Motion and would be happy to connect with you. 
I also do a group Zoom class in this time of COVID19, and I do Private sessions. 
Please check out my website for contact and additional information – 

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