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3 News Stories You Should Read Today ~ 3/15/2018

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US cities see student-led walkout over gun violence

Students across the US walk out of class for 17 minutes to demand stricter gun controls and protection in schools.

New York City – Hundreds of students have gathered in New York City’s Washington Square Park after walking out from their high schools to share speeches and protest signs in an urgent call for gun control and safety in US schools.

The students were just a few of the thousands of those who walked out of their classrooms on Wednesday to mark the one-month anniversary of the shooting at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.




In the ongoing joke that is the Trump administration, where the press secretary is fielding questions about an alleged affair with a porn star, the secretary of state is getting fired via social media, the secretary of education is flunking quizzes on national television, and the boss is spending his days getting into one-sided Twitter feuds with everyone from members of his own party to professional athletes to the Academy, it’s tough to come out looking more ridiculous than the day or hour prior. If the last year has taught us anything, however, it’s that this group of people always rises to the occasion. And on Wednesday, they outdid themselves, hiring a Reaganite TV economist who blew the financial crisis—along with virtually every other call he ever made—as the president’s top economic adviser.



Let’s Not Forget What Happens When Students Walk Out to Save Black Lives

Anyone in a black community knows that stop-the-violence rallies greatly outnumber Black Lives Matter protests. However, the media refuses to cover those marches with the same rabid fervor. Why the hell would white people even hear about the Chicago elementary school kids who marched against gun violence in their communities in 2017? Or the black and Hispanic high school students in Los Angeles who walked out to protest gang and gun violence? Do they even know about the kids in Sandy Spring, Ga., who held a sit-in at school to protest gun violence? How about the kids at Chicago’s Polaris Academy who organized a “play outside” day in protest of gang and gun violence almost a year ago?



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