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The Most Urgent Challenge of Self-transformation Is How One Shows Up In the Present Moment

The Most Urgent Challenge of Self-transformation Is How One Shows Up In the Present Moment
The human race as a whole as trying to do better. Everyone I know is on a path to transform themselves. Break out into a more saner, balanced and aligned being.
Many have spent years trying to change self-defeating thoughts, habits and processes. And many of us will continue to do so in the years to come.
Changing ourselves can be an uphill task, what with the constant external disruptions we face. And it seems like the list of disruptions grows longer and more complicated.
there are the trappings of limiting beliefs, which are enforced by society; it’s time-consuming and it needs repetitions; there are changes required on multiple fronts; plenty of distractions that throw us off our focus; the fear of what is to come…and more.
When working on our transformation, we need to understand that anything that is well established will put up a good fight to keep things the way they are. Your ego (personality), your body, your mind (thoughts) have been flowing a certain way for a long time. Status quo is good for them.
With transformation, we trying to destroy the old and create something new. And although our intentions are in the right place, it’s naive to think any change will be without discomfort.
The most urgent challenge of self-transformation is how one shows up in the present moment.
Sure the To-Do list is long, there are obstacles, long wait times to see results, unforeseen situations, heartbreaking defeats, lack of support from family, friends, society in general, a wave of emotions to deal with…
Amidst all this, at any given point in time, one always has a degree of influence and power. And that influence and power lies with what’s done with the present moment. Nothing and nobody can take that away, ever.
The interaction with the present moment is often taken lightly, probably because the concept is so overused in memes and speeches. But it really is where the solution lies for a successful transformation.
  • What will be created now through an action and thought?
  • What words will be said out loud?
  • How will this present second or minute be utilized?
As most spend the time making and re-working elaborate vision boards and business plans and our prework the use of the present moment is THE challenge we all face today.
How are we showing up right now? In thought, words and action.
Transformation is all about a string of present moments where we showed up different than we usually do. And when that string has more moments of the new stuff than the old patterns, we will visibly see the change and it is noticed as a successful change.
We need to fully grasp this ever-present influence and power that is always with us. The people that make it are the ones that have understood how to wield this power. No matter what happens they continue to show up at the moment that lines up with the final goal. They don’t walk away, they keep going.
So how are you lining it up for your future?
Ruby is a Spiritualist & Dog lover, Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Deliberate Creator, Writer & Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner. A forever creative and her virtual address is
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