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Month: July 2018

The Power of Choice

Reading Time: 5 minutes It wasn’t until a recent serious illness and a diagnosis of having a chronic autoimmune disease that I finally woke up and understood that I was living my life on auto-pilot. I finally realized that I had been subconsciously choosing to use assumptions based on past experiences and tolerations, to build my current and future life on. I realized that I had the ability to use intelligent and thoughtful choices, powerful manifesting techniques, and my intuition to guide my life.

I finally understood. Everything I had done, everything I had tolerated all these years had been the result of choices I had made that were based on incredibly bad assumptions that I had believed as truths.

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Learning to Bridge Human Differences Lesson 4: Lesson on Privilege

Reading Time: 8 minutes Two people decide to go cycling. They decide to cycle for the same distance but take different routes. One takes a route that is a bit bumpy but pretty much downhill. It is hot, but the path is a little shady. For this person, the path was challenging and was definitely a vigorous workout, but this person feels good for meeting the challenge of the workout. When the two people meet up, the other person says that the ride was awful for her. Her path was also bumpy but the road she took was at an incline the entire time. She was even more sunburnt than the first person because she had no sunscreen. At one point, a strong gust of wind blew her over and she hurt her foot. She ran out of water halfway through. When she hears about the first person’s route, she remarks that her own experience seemed so much more difficult. Yet it was the same distance, and both rode their bikes. This is what privilege looks like.

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CA Fires, Black Lives Matter, Russia: 3 Stories You Should Read Today: 7/30/2018

Reading Time: 2 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  Things that make you go hm. What do they know? Mystery as Russia LIQUIDATED almost ALL of its holdings in US Treasury securities during run up to Helsinki summit, in move labeled ‘unprecedented’ by experts Russia slashed holdings in US Treasuries by 84 per cent from March to May Country is no longer considered major holder of Treasuries with just $14.9B Sell-off did not seem to affect yields much, having little impact on bond market Some speculate that US sanctions...

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The One Thing We Should Not Be Teaching Girls About Sex

Reading Time: 3 minutes The dialog needs to change. Girls need to be taught self-respect and self-love early, and so do boys. Girls need to understand sex isn’t something you give away, it’s something you share and experience. There is a lot of talk right now about teaching boys about consent and boundaries, and that’s way past due. However, there needs to be a conversation about teaching girls that sex isn’t a prize to give away in exchange for something, like love and that love comes from inside first and when it does you don’t feel so desperate to get it somewhere else.

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