Home News Vincent Lemar, Michael Avenatti, Trump in Montana: 3 Stories You Should Read Today – 7/6/2018

Vincent Lemar, Michael Avenatti, Trump in Montana: 3 Stories You Should Read Today – 7/6/2018

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The 11 most dangerous things Donald Trump said in his Montana speech

Trump’s speech on Thursday night contained a number of genuinely dangerous lines, lines no president before Trump would even considering uttering among a small group of friends — much less in front of thousands of people. Below, then, are the 11 most dangerous lines Trump said last night — and why each one poses a real risk to the body populace.




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Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’s lawyer, and potential presidential candidate explained

That’s ridiculous, right? Right? Right. Maybe.

That, in many ways, is the real story here. Trump’s victory has set the stage for an incredible wave of “Why not me?” thinking when it comes to presidential campaigns, which is afflicting everyone from the mayor of Los Angeles to the CEO of Starbucks to a porn star’s lawyer.

And of all the “Why not me?” candidates, it’s Avenatti who in many ways most closely parallels Trump. He has an incredible nose for commanding attention and putting himself at the center of every story. On Twitter, Avenatti has taken to framing the issue as one in which America needs a “street fighter” to take on Trump — someone who doesn’t play by the ordinary rules of politics and who isn’t ashamed to take the low road. And while he hasn’t formally put himself forward as the street fighter America needs, he certainly does fit the bill.



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Black Man Forced to Crawl at Gunpoint After Police Thwart Imaginary Robbery

California officers prevented a nonexistent armed robbery by holding a man at gunpoint and forcing him to crawl on the ground as his uncle and girlfriend watched in horror.

Vincent Lemar, who posted a video of the incident to Facebook, said he and his nephew Levell Johnson were attempting to leave the Fresno, Calif., T-Mobile store when Lemar spotted a police officer with his weapon drawn. Lemar alerted his 26-year-old nephew, Levell Johnson, and as Johnson exited the store, the police pointed guns at Johnson and told him to lie face down on the pavement and crawl toward them using his fingers.

In the video, you can hear cops use a bullhorn to shout instructions at Johnson. Meanwhile, Johnson’s girlfriend can be seen in the parking lot, watching the entire incident from yards away while police say they were “being confronted” her.




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