Home News Hillary Clinton, Sadiq Khan, NATO: 3 Stories You Should Read Today: 7/11/2018

Hillary Clinton, Sadiq Khan, NATO: 3 Stories You Should Read Today: 7/11/2018

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Nearly two years into the Trump presidency, Fox News is still obsessed with Hillary Clinton

With Trump fighting off scandals, Fox News still needs the “Hillary” villain.

Hillary Clinton has played no active role in our politics since she lost the 2016 presidential election. She has watched from the sidelines as Donald Trump writes one of the most scandal-plagued chapters of the American presidency.

But on Fox News, the character “Hillary Clinton” still plays a crucial part in the story.

I call her a character because the value Fox News finds in Clinton is largely a narrative one. Fox News has devoted itself to painting Trump as a protagonist, which can be hard given the scandals, the incompetence, and the cruelty. But with the perfectly crafted villain, anyone can be made a hero.

And that villain is, still, Hillary Clinton.



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Sadiq Khan: The Man Who Curtailed Trump’s Big Visit To London

Trump’s reluctance to venture onto Khan’s patch is being seen as a victory for London’s Mayor.

Trump has finally secured the trip to Great Britain he has longed for, which will include tea with the Queen, a military parade and a press conference with Prime Minister Theresa May.

But it’s not the state visit Trump wanted or that May promised on her visit to Washington in 2017. There will be no carriage ride with the Queen, an honour bestowed on the likes of Vladimir Putin and George W Bush. No visit to Buckingham Palace or even a trip to May’s official 10 Downing Street London residence. And no photo ops in front of the numerous famous landmarks that dominate London.

I’d take [Trump] to the most diverse parts of London, where you can be who you are and be not just tolerated but respected, celebrated and embracedLondon Mayor, Sadiq Khan

The mood in Khan’s city is illustrated by the advice of the president’s own embassy in London, which has warned US citizens to keep a low profile during Trump’s visit in case protests against him turn violent.




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Trump begins NATO summit with attacks on ‘delinquent’ allies

Trump appears to see his confrontational approach with allies as a political winner with his base, whether it involves tweaking fellow NATO members over their defense spending or imposing tariffs on their exports while arguing the U.S. has been ripped off by international trade deals.

It is a different approach to international politics that is a sharp break from the Obama years, a distinction Trump appears to enjoy.

But it is likely to lead to some uncomfortable scenes during Trump’s weeklong trip to Europe, which includes a visit to the United Kingdom, starting Thursday, where protests are expected.

Trump will meet with Prime Minister Theresa May amid upheaval in her own government.




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