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The Resistance, Colin Kaepernick, Cory Booker: 3 Stories You Should Read 9/6/2018

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In the category of:  Resistance from the inside.

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration

I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

President Trump is facing a test to his presidency unlike any faced by a modern American leader.

It’s not just that the special counsel looms large. Or that the country is bitterly divided over Mr. Trump’s leadership. Or even that his party might well lose the House to an opposition hellbent on his downfall.

The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

I would know. I am one of them.

To be clear, ours is not the popular “resistance” of the left. We want the administration to succeed and think that many of its policies have already made America safer and more prosperous.

But we believe our first duty is to this country, and the president continues to act in a manner that is detrimental to the health of our republic.



In the category of: Resistance in the corporate world.

Nike has released its commercial starring Colin Kaepernick — as well as Serena Williams and LeBron James — after being trashed by Trump

  • Nike released a commercial starring Colin Kaepernick on Wednesday, following the announcement this week of a partnership that prompted boycott threats as well as criticism from President Donald Trump.
  • Kaepernick narrates the ad, which features a wide range of athletes including inspirational amateurs, Serena Williams, and LeBron James.
  • Kaepernick is shown only in the closing seconds of the commercial, which does not feature the former NFL player in football gear.

Nike released a commercial starring Colin Kaepernick on Wednesday, following this week’s announcement of a partnership between the two that prompted boycott threats as well as criticism from President Donald Trump.

Nike and Kaepernick posted the commercial on Twitter and YouTube.

The ad, narrated by Kaepernick, showcases various inspirational sports-related stories, including amateur athletes such as a football-playing homecoming queen and an Ironman participant who lost 120 pounds and recovered from a brain tumor. Professional athletes, including Serena Williams, LeBron James, and the Seattle Seahawks’ Shaquem Griffin (whose left hand was amputated when he was young), are also featured.



In the category of:  The unanticipated and bumpy road to the 2020 presidential race.

A Republican senator threatened to kick Cory Booker out of the Senate over releasing “confidential” emails

The fight over Booker’s decision to release confidential Kavanaugh emails, explained.

Sen. Cory Booker threatened to release “committee-confidential” emails from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh regarding his views on racial diversity in a tense moment during the Thursday morning hearing.

Majority Whip John Cornyn said Booker could be expelled from the Senate for referencing and disclosing emails that only members of the committee had access to. “Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the Senate or the confidential documents we are privy to,” Cornyn said in a dig responding to this move.

The New Jersey senator responded, “Bring it.”

“All of us are ready to face that rule on the bogus designation of ‘committee confidential.’ Just because there is a Senate rule doesn’t mean it can be misapplied or misconstrued or misused,” Booker said. “We’re dealing here with a lifetime appointment. Nothing we do here is more serious than confirming a justice on the United States Supreme Court. Let the American people appreciate that we are here in the most solemn responsibility we have under the constitution. We need the full truth.”




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