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Cindy Hyde-Smith, Propaganda Network, James Corsi: 3 Stories You Should Read 11/28/2018

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Cindy Hyde-Smith Defeats Mike Espy In Mississippi Senate Runoff Election

The GOP senator was the prohibitive favorite, although the backlash to her “hanging” remark gave Democrats some hope.

WASHINGTON ― Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith defeated Democratic challenger Mike Espy in Mississippi’s Senate runoff election on Tuesday, a heated race that put a spotlight on the state’s history of racist violence.

Mississippi hasn’t elected an African-American to the Senate since Reconstruction. Its voters also haven’t picked a Democrat to represent them in the Senate in 36 years. But a series of offensive comments from Hyde-Smith ― as well as new revelations about her embrace of Confederate history ― gave Democrats hope that they might flip a Senate seat in the deep red South.

Hyde-Smith was appointed earlier this year by Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant (R) to fill the seat vacated by veteran Sen. Thad Cochran (R), who stepped down for health reasons. She became the first woman to represent Mississippi in the Senate. She had previously served as the state’s commissioner of agriculture and as a member of the Mississippi State Senate.




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Trump Wants to Create His Own Propaganda Network Because Fox News Is Not Enough

This is another reminder that what your president is doing is not only an attack against the free press, but an attack against the First Amendment of the Constitution, something that he is sworn to uphold.

It’s embarrassing enough that the lead actor from The Apprentice takes numerous dumps all over the White House every single day, but the added insult is that he represents us to the world.

So as he is lamenting his accurate but poor portrayal in the news media, he is simultaneously making us look like a nation of idiots to everyone else on the planet.



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A leaked Mueller draft document provides a glimpse into the investigation’s future

Jerome Corsi leaked the document, which outlines a potential charge against him.

The six-page document was written for a potential plea deal that Corsi now says he’ll reject. Corsi shared it with several news outlets, including the Washington Post. And it’s a fascinating read, because it gives us a glimpse into Mueller’s thinking about a part of the probe that hasn’t resulted in any charges yet: Trump associates’ contacts with WikiLeaks.

The special counsel has alleged that Russian intelligence officers hacked leading Democrats’ emails (most notably the DNC’s and John Podesta’s), and provided some of that material to WikiLeaks. But whether Trumpworld had any role in this hasn’t been clear — and has been the focus of intense investigation of late, particularly pertaining to Roger Stone.

Though we should keep in mind that this document is just a draft, and surely isn’t revealing the full scope of what Mueller knows, there’s some interesting material in here nonetheless. (You can read the whole thing at this link.)




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