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Could The Mess In Your House Be Trying To Tell You Something About Who You’re Scared Of Being ?

by Confluence
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By: Jacqueline Gates   – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Question of the day:

What if your house was exactly as you want it?

Just imagine that all the stuff that makes you wince was handled and everywhere your eye landed was something that made you smile.

What if the laundry was done in a smooth regular rhythm of wash/dry/fold/ put away? So that there were no more piles on couches or closets that bulge.

What if the kitchen welcomed you in the morning with clear counters and clean dishes on hand?

Imagine if you could just lounge in your lounge, without having to deliberately ignore the mess on the coffee table, or smother the twinges of guilt about that half-done craft project still strewn across the dining room table.

Imagine if you could actually use your dining room table – you know, for dining, to have friends over, or that candle-lit date night at home.

Okay … so now you’re imagining all that’s done.

It’s delightful.

But that’s not my point.

My point is …


What could you do if you reclaimed the space, and the time, and the bandwidth that your house is currently holding hostage?


And here’s another heretic thought …


What if your home isn’t actually the reason you haven’t started writing that novel, or gone back to school, or made time for therapeutic bubble baths?

What if you subconsciously choose to leave that crap undone because the excuse serves your fear of a rejected manuscript or failed exam, or feeds the apparent selflessness of habitual martyrdom?

I mean, if you can’t write your book because you “have to clean the house first”, then obviously you’ll never have to face the terror of an editor’s pen, right?

If you never have time to further your studies, you will never have to find the balls to ask for a raise.


And heaven forbid you wallow in a bubble bath for 20 minutes before the dishes are done.


I’m not saying that housework must be done before self-care.
I’m the last person on earth who’d advocate that anything comes before self-care.

But I am inviting those who say they can’t study/be an entrepreneur/take a bubble bath because there’s floors/dishes/dusting to be done, to consider whether the housecare is actually the issue, or whether it’s a convenient smokescreen clouding what the issue actually is.


So I’ll ask you again …

What could you do when you can’t use your house as an excuse not to??


Who would you BE if your home was as you’ve imagined?
And are you brave enough to devote yourself to finding out?


That’s the key, y’know.

Because, until this bit is clear, the clutter and mess is likely to stay, or at the very least, keep coming back.


More by Jacqueline:


Jacqueline Gates has mastered the art of applying theatrical skills to anchor and amplify the manifesting technique known as acting-as-if.  Because when you begin LIVING-as-if you already are who you secretly dream of becoming, it won’t stay a secret very long.



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