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Air Travel, Cyntoia Brown, David Leonhardt: 3 Stories You Should Read 1/07/2019

Air Travel, Cyntoia Brown, David Leonhardt: 3 Stories You Should Read 1/07/2019
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In the category of:  This is not a drill

Delta, United, and JetBlue pilots are warning that flying will become more dangerous as the government shutdown continues

The effects of the latest government shutdown are being felt across the US.

The air-transport system on which America depends is also feeling the pinch. On Wednesday, the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) sent a letter to President Donald Trump urging him to end the shutdown.

“I am writing to urge you to take the necessary steps to immediately end the shutdown of government agencies that is adversely affecting the safety, security, and efficiency of our national airspace system,” Captain Joe DePete, the president of the ALPA, said in the letter.




In the category of:  Justice comes very slowly.

Gov. Bill Haslam grants full clemency to Cyntoia Brown sets Aug. 7 release from prison

Haslam granted Brown a full commutation to parole on Monday. Brown will be eligible for release Aug. 7 on time served and will stay on parole for 10 years.

“Cyntoia Brown committed, by her own admission, a horrific crime at the age of 16,” Haslam said in a statement. “Yet, imposing a life sentence on a juvenile that would require her to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible for parole consideration is too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life.

“Transformation should be accompanied by hope.  So, I am commuting Ms. Brown’s sentence, subject to certain conditions.”




In the category of:  David Leonhardt

A New York Times Columnist Makes the Case for Removing Donald Trump From Office

In a scathing opinion column on Saturday, New York Times columnist David Leonhardt called for President Donald Trump’s removal from office, not just by impeachment—which “would probably rally the president’s supporters”—but by first conducting a series of “sober-minded hearings to highlight Trump’s misconduct” for the public to see. This, Leonhardt argues, would put Trump’s Republican allies, reliant upon reelection, “in a very difficult spot…




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