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Cosmopolitan: What’s the Deal With Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s Relationship, Tho?

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Fans are convinced they’re secretly “in love.”

Truer words: There can be 100 people in a room, and Lady Gaga will literally only talk about Bradley Cooper.

But because the Star Is Born fandom is a very thirsty place filled with people who want Gaga and Bradley’s onscreen love to be a reality, plenty of fans are wondering if there’s something ~more~ going on between them. Behold, a random sampling of thirst-tweets:

Kaiden Maines@kaidenlynn11


Rory Danger G-O@Lor_Ror


Hardrock Higdon@HardrockFightIf Bradley Cooper and Lady GaGa aren’t in love than I don’t know what Love is!!! TRUTH

First of all, the answer to “Is there something more going on between them?” is PROBABLY NOT, EVERYONE CALM DOWN. But let’s break down the speculation, shall we?

Obviously, They Have Insane Chemistry

And I’m talking both onscreen:


And offscreen:


In fact, that very moment above, which was captured during Gaga’s Vegas residency, caused fans to fully spiral about the nature of their friendship:

Aoife Kavanagh@_aoifekavanagh

1. She’s off her nut and

2. She’s violently in love with Bradley Cooper


Side note: Moms are very much here for this conspiracy theory too! Congrats, moms!

John DeVore


“lady gaga is secretly madly in love with bradley cooper” is my mom’s Qanon
my mom has sent me five texts about how gaga’s performance of ‘shallow’ was “disappointing” and how she “destroyed” a “beaitful song” and one text about how she’s still convinced gaga is still secretly in love with bradley cooper”

And, Um, Gaga and Christian Carino Just Broke Up

Speculation about the split started brewing when Gaga showed up at the Grammy Awards without her engagement ring:


everybody are talking gaga broke up with christian cuz she’s not wearing an engagement ring omg

And then People confirmed the news, with a source saying, “It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end. There’s no long dramatic story.”

Yeah, tell that to fans:


People Think Gaga Got a Secret Bradley Cooper Tattoo

Insane, right? WRONG, the evidence is compelling! Okay, so remember when Gaga got these musical notes inked on her arm?

The notes probably read G-A-G-A, but there’s a theory that they actually read B-C-B-C…making this tattoo a secret shout-out to her main onscreen man.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Ezra May@missezramay


They’ve been together since 2015They have a child together. Irina even showed up to the Golden Globes with Bradley, where, yes, fine, this very awkward photo was taken:


Which, yes, fine, only made people more convinced of Gaga and Bradley’s IRL love:

The Petty Mess@ThePettyMess_

FYI, Gaga Once Said She’d NEVER Date Bradley

This was in 2016 around the time A Star Is Born was filming. Turns out Howard Stern asked Gaga point-blank if things could take a turn for the romantic, and she said, “Absolutely not! I already love everyone and the idea is, if you really love somebody, you put the most important thing first and that is the film. The truth is, what’s most important to me is that we tell a story that touches the hearts of millions of people that come to see it.”



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