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3 Stories You Should Read 6/6/2019: Oregon, Mexico, D-Day

3 Stories You Should Read 6/6/2019: Oregon, Mexico, D-Day
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World Leaders Mark 75th Anniversary Of D-Day

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump delivered speeches paying tribute to the thousands of Allied troops who landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944.

OMAHA BEACH, France (AP) — With the silence of remembrance and respect, nations honored the memory of the fallen and the singular bravery of all Allied troops who sloshed through bloodied water to the landing beaches of Normandy, a tribute of thanks 75 years after the massive D-Day assault that doomed the Nazi occupation of France and portended the fall of Hitler’s Third Reich.

French President Emmanuel Macron and President Donald Trump praised the soldiers and airmen, the survivors and those who lost their lives, in powerful speeches Thursday that credited the June 6, 1944 surprise air and sea operation that brought tens of thousands of men to Normandy, each not knowing whether he would survive the day.




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Trump’s new trade war is with Senate Republicans

Critics of President Trump from the center and left like to say that Republican office-holders defer to him far too easily and often. But now we know this isn’t always true. There are some lines Republicans just won’t cross and principles they just won’t compromise — and those are the lines and principles that benefit business.

Trump may think (absurdly) that trade wars are good and easy to win, but it’s hard to see how that could be true about a war between the White House and Senate Republicans — especially with it widening to other areas of policy. The last thing Trump needs as he heads into a re-election campaign is for his until-now rock-solid Republican support to soften. With persistently low approval ratings in the electorate at large, the one thing the president has going for him is historically high approval among his own party. If that comes to an end, Trump could wind up being maximally vulnerable as he heads into the general election.

But will it happen?




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Oregon Senate passes bill punishing racist 911 callers

The bill allows victims of these calls to sue a 911 caller for as much as $250.

Almost a year after Oregon state Rep. Janelle Bynum’s story of being questioned by police after a 911 call on her as she campaigned in her district went viral and sparked the hashtag #CampaigningWhileBlack, Oregon state senators have passed a bill that would allow the victims of frivolous, discriminatory 911 calls to sue the callers.

On Monday, the Oregon state Senate passed House bill 3216, a measure introduced by the state’s three black Democratic legislators, including Bynum. The bill allows victims of these calls to sue a 911 caller for as much as $250 if the victim can prove that the 911 call was racially motivated and that the caller intended to discriminate or harm the reputation of the victim.

The legislation was overwhelmingly supported by state lawmakers of both parties, but it was deeply personal for Bynum, the only black legislator in the Oregon House (the other two black legislators serve in the state Senate.)

”When someone gets the police called on them for just existing in public, it sends a message that you don’t belong here,” Bynum told the Associated Press on Monday. “This creates a legal pathway to justice.”






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