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Editorial: Trump Calls for a Vote In The House on Impeachment Now—He’s right

by Confluence
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By:  Lisa Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

President Trump has called for a vote on impeachment now before the inquiry has come even close to its conclusion. He believes the vote would put some Democrats from swing districts in a tough position and perhaps even show a bipartisan crew of legislators against his impeachment from the start. Of coarse, he is wrong about whether or not this is constitutionally required but we at Confluence believe he is right for different reasons. We agree with the President’s core message though. Let’s hold a vote to impeach now.

When the Administration’s cover up of the Ukraine call is so clear and when the President has turned to now publicly making the same overtures that he tried to cover up it is clearly time for a vote on impeachment. As soon as Trump publicly enlisted China’s help in his re-election, he closed the case on himself and now fully deserves to get what is coming to him and quickly.

Frankly, we don’t have time to delay on this. The election is just around the corner so it is imperative that this be finished and come to a resolution in the near future. Otherwise the American public will have to face an election and impeachment at the same time which will distract from the important conversation we need to have about who replaces Trump, Pence, or Pelosi as President in 2021.

After the Muller report, the Ukraine call cover up, and public crying from the President for China to meddle in our elections, what more is needed to impeach this guy and convict him in the senate. Even public opinion polls show Americans want him impeached and removed. So what else will it take to be ready to impeach? Does the man actually need to kill someone on 5th ave? At this rate congress is making it seem like just might be what it takes. Let’s get it over with. We agree with Trump. Hold impeachment votes now.


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