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What’s on your impeachment playlist? Here is our soundtrack…

by Confluence
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Impeachment is a long process. And although it looks more inevitable by the day (Fox News Poll shows 51% favor removal, Giuliani Associates Arrested, etc) we know it will be months before Pelosi or Pence will take over. This leads us to the obvious question: what should be on your impeachment playlist? After all, we are hooked on reading the latest drama/nail in the coffin of the Trump Presidency but we shouldn’t do it in silence. We need a soundtrack to this movie. Below is some of what we’ve been listening to as the sky falls on the Orange man.

Somehow Buffalo Springfield is still relevant today with this track that has kept our heads bobbing up and down for generations.

A reader suggested winner for sure. We feel like every line in the song is approprite. 

Miley probably wasn’t thinking politics when she penned this 2009 jam but we are thinking it’s time to Party in the USA now that Trump is going down.

The White Stripes wrote this one to criticize American immigration policies back in 2007. Little did they know things would get much worse a decade later. We still appreciate the story portrayed in the song and its relevance today.

Now we know Mr. Fortunate Son himself is “bone spur” Donald Trump.

House Democrats are doing just this… Fight the Power! Another reader suggeted gem. 

A commentary on the return of American soldiers to their country after the Vietnam War. This classic still applies today. 

A Tribe Called Quest only needed a few days after the 2016 election to realize what needed to happen: a protest anthem for the modern day.

Imagine a world without a President Donald Trump.

YG and Nipsey Hustle wrote the chorus that got us all singing along.

A song made after taking flack for their anti-George W. Bush position rings true today. 

Perhaps a song for the soul of our nation today. I will survive.

More reader suggestions: 



We intend to make this a living article with your input added so please feel free to share your ideas for the playlist to end a Presidency.

Email us with your additions and we’ll get them added to the list. 

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