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3 Stories You Should Read 10/11/2019: Trump, Bern, Giuliani

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Catch up on the latest news on Rudy Giuliani, his associates and the impeachment inquiry

Two of Rudy Giuliani’s Ukraine contacts were arrested on charges of violating campaign finance laws. Now the feds are looking at Giuliani’s financial dealings with the men, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. They introduced President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer to Ukrainian officials who pushed unfounded theories about corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, report CNN’s Shimon Prokupecz and Evan Perez.
Trump, on his way to a rally in Minneapolis, told reporters he had no knowledge of the situation and hadn’t spoken to Giuliani about it. “I don’t know them,” he said. “I don’t know about them, I don’t know what they do. But, I don’t know, maybe they were clients of Rudy. You’d have to ask Rudy. I just don’t know.”

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Bernie Sanders: Voters have a ‘right to know’ about my health

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Thursday he’ll make his medical records public at the “appropriate time.”

“People do have a right to know about the health of a senator and someone running for president,” Sanders told CNN’s Sanjay Gupta in a live interview at his Burlington, Vt. home. “At the appropriate time we’ll make all the medical records public for you or anyone else who wants to see them.”

Sanders, who’s recovering from a recent heart attack, attempted to curtail any speculation that his campaign has not been transparent about his health, claiming aides wanted to wait until they had all of the facts.



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Appeals Court Rules House Democrats Can Subpoena Trump’s Financial Records

The 2-1 ruling went against the president, who was seeking to block a subpoena for documents, including tax returns, held by his accounting firm.

Lawyers for the committee argued that the pursuit of these documents was part of its legislative function as it evaluated new executive branch financial disclosure and conflict of interest laws. Trump’s personal lawyers intervened to argue that the House did not have a legitimate legislative purpose in pursuing the documents from the accounting firm and that the only valid way to subpoena any document connected to the president was through an impeachment.

The two judges who voted to uphold the subpoena ― David Tatel, appointed by President Bill Clinton, and Patricia Millett, appointed by President Barack Obama ― ruled that the committee was acting under its legislative function in pursuit of potential legislation. They also ruled that the committee issued its subpoena under valid authority granted by House Rules and the Constitution.




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