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Astrology: time for jollity!

by Janette Dalgliesh
Planet Jupiter
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

The other day somebody asked me whether the Saturn-Pluto “shaking-loose” phenomenon was going to get worse in the lead up to the peak in mid January.

Welllllll….. there are people out there still grimly clinging to the old ways, the old beliefs, the old paradigms – and for them, the shaking is likely to feel even more uncomfortable.

But that’s not you and me, dear reader!

We’re about to get a new player on the Capricorn scene, bringing a ton of jollity, and seasoned with a spicy sprinkling of pluck.

If you’ve been working on the foundations for what you’re building, this is going to feel like a rush of support you’re going to love!

And if you haven’t yet started working on the foundations, now is the perfect time.

In a matter of moments, Jupiter moves into Capricorn for the first time in 12 years (exact times below).

One of the characteristics of 2019 as a whole has been the preponderance of heavy Earth energy – with Uranus in Taurus, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and recently Venus also moving into Capricorn.

Yes, we have Sun in optimistic Sagittarius (huzzah!) but the grinding Earth feeling hasn’t fully left us yet.

Jupiter joining the Earth movement might seem to add yet another weighty out of planet to the mix – but not so!

This is the lord of joy.

He is innately optimistic, expansive, jolly and gregarious.

It’s as though Santa Claus enters the room, bringing all that light and sparkle and ho-ho-ho with him!

Having said that, this is Jupiter in Capricorn, which means his style and mode of operation does change from how he has been in his home sign of Sagittarius.

In order to understand why it’s different, and why Jupiter in Capricorn is so significant and useful, it helps to remind ourselves who rules Capricorn. 

It’s practical, grounded, detail-oriented Saturn, who is almost the very antithesis of Jupiter.

Saturn relates to our desire to achieve, to leave a mark on the world, to fulfil our life mission. He is linear, logical, practical and dedicated to the task at hand. in the “left brain/right brain“ model of the psyche, Saturn relates to the left brain.

Jupiter relates to our capacity to imagine beyond the known, to tap in to wild inspirations, to daydream without limitation. He is non-linear, intuitive, unconcerned with practical details, capable of lateral thinking and leaps of inspiration. He relates to the right brain.

When Jupiter moves into Capricorn, he has to form a kind of collaboration with Saturn.

This is unfamiliar territory for him, but it doesn’t change his fundamental nature. It doesn’t suddenly make Jupiter capable of left brain logic and planning.

But it does bring his imagination and capacity for lateral thinking into the sign that’s been inspiring us to build robust foundations for what we’re creating.

And that’s wildly useful!

Saturn on his own can’t fully break free of the past. It’s his nature is to be linear, so like our left brain, he can only predict the future which is similar to the past. In tandem with Pluto, he’s been supporting us to do the transformational work to make a new future possible. But he can’t see the whole of it, and we can’t ask him to do all our big blue sky forward planning. It’s too hard.

Jupiter has no such restriction! Because he is non-linear, he has no concept of the past, and no limitations which say that the future has to be similar to what’s gone before. 

In Jupiter’s eyes, literally anything is possible. And if we are to build something amazing, we need some of that in the mix.

Saturn and Jupiter cannot do each other’s jobs. 

We need them both.

We need Jupiter to help us leapfrog into an amazing future without necessarily knowing every single step along the way – and without feeling the need to know every step.

We need Saturn to help us plan out the next little bit of the path in front of us, so that we aren’t immobilised by confusion about how to do the next piece.

And with Jupiter here for a year, this is a fabulous opening up of new possibilities that right now, we probably can’t fully comprehend.

But wait! There’s more.

Soon after Jupiter makes his move into Capricorn, where he will stay until December 2020, we have three cool Chiron events happening which help to fuel our expansion.

Briefly, Chiron’s main skills are the healing arts and the coaching of heroes who have impossible quests so they can succeed despite the odds. He’s a wonderful support when we have something big to do!

First, Chiron steps up to challenge Jupiter himself. 

It’s an awakening of our inner boldness and cheek. Jupiter is optimistic and calls us to go beyond our comfort zone. Chiron acts as our internal cheer squad, amping up our sense of audacity and courage and making it more possible to get out of our comfort zone.

It’s also an invitation to step up if there is any healing to be done – not from a place of suffering and struggle, but from a place of hope, skill and possibility. Chiron gets a lot of press as being the ‘wounded healer’ (hm….. I’m not fully convinced) – but actually, he was a pupil of Apollo whose caduceus is still used as a symbol of health practitioners today. This dude has some serious healing skills and mojo.

Next, Chiron turns direct after a period of being in Retrograde motion. The astronomical body Chiron has a very erratic orbit, so he spends quite a bit of time Retrograde – in other words, we’re kinda familiar at a bone level with Chiron’s forward-and-back motion. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you get a surge of energy and a feeling of the brakes coming off, depending on where this lands in your chart. (And BTW if you’d like a free resource to help you figure this stuff out, here you go – my pleasure!)

And then in mid-December, Chiron forms a quintile aspect with Saturn. This 72º angle represents 1/5 of a circle, and we all know that the pentagram and other 5-related shapes have connections to magic.

In astrology, the quintile is seen as pointing to talent, the desire to create, build or make things (hello, Saturn-Pluto conjunction!) and – importantly – the ability not only to become aware of an issue, but also to find a solution for it.

In other words, if the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has been difficult because of a problem or conflict, including one you haven’t yet been able to spot – Chiron’s audacious support here offers the possibility of easily seeing, understanding and solving it.

Some ways to play with these upcoming energies

  • Tap into YOUR joy. Each of us has a different relationships with joy, different ingredients that make up our own joy. Mine include laughter, accomplishment, freedom, space, paradox and magic. Do you know the ingredients of your joy? If so, activate some. If not, what a great time to figure it out!
  • Jupiter likes to be celebrated and honoured with things that are expansive. That doesn’t have to mean lashing out on expensive things! Rather, think about simple ways to express expansion brought to earth, to the real world. One or two giant blooms, set on display in your home. A beautiful big rock that you buy or find, placed just so in your garden or courtyard. Listen to grand symphonic music (it’s no coincidence that Holst called his famous piece Jupiter: Bringer of Jollity). Gaze at or make art on giant canvasses. Read long poems or novels. Bake enormous pies. You get the picture.
  • Pro-actively engage in daydreaming beyond what you know now. Your brain has a powerful efficiency factor which means it predicts the future based on what it has already experienced. That’s extremely useful in traffic or when brewing tea or when singing in a concert – you know what you’re doing and what to expect. It’s less useful when you’re thinking about what you want to create. So it’s up to you, as the user and boss of your brain, to devote some time to actively daydreaming without engaging the HOW of it. You could have that grand symphonic music playing  while you lie back in a recliner, daydreaming without limits, just to implant these possibilities in your brain.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn is less jolly St Nick, more elegantly suited tycoon flying in via chopper to bring welcome good news to the board of management. Whatever it is you’re creating or planning for 2020, imagine an investment angel with a superb deal has just landed on your doorstep and have fun outlining what you would do with the extra support. Note, you can play with imagining it’s actual money, or you could make it an investment of energy, or love, or playfulness, or whatever you feel has been missing. 
  • If you’re facing health issues that have felt like a looooong struggle, lean in to the Chironic energy as well as Jupiter’s inability to comprehend linearity or the past. Focus on what you have managed to achieve (progress on a specific issues, a little improvement in pain relief, still being here on the planet…) and look for the very simplest of things that help you feel expansive and spacious. It might have to be all in your mind – but then, physiologically speaking, all pain is also in our brains anyway so imagining expansion is better than imagining constriction (by the way, pain researchers say pain is in the brain not to dismiss the pain, but because that’s how it works neurologically). 
  • Check in and see if there is a spot you’ve been holding back, and whether an injection of derring-do would make the difference. Tap in to the Chiron energy and imagine him helping you with the metaphorical sword-training and bravery, so you can show up to do that scary thing with more valour and courage than ever before – whether it’s a whole-of-life change, or that email you’ve been putting off sending.

Finally, remember the key with Jupiter energy is to ALLOW.

That means two things.

First, not holding back out fear.

Second, not pushing through out of scarcity or false bravado.

Your inner guidance will know the right timing. You can tell if you’re pausing out of fear, or out of a sense that the time isn’t quite right yet. You know what to do.

Exact times (US Eastern timezone)

  • 2 December 1.20PM – Jupiter enters Capricorn
  • 8 December 11.27PM – Jupiter squares Chiron (90º)
  • 12 December 10:47PM – Chiron turns direct
  • 14 December 2.01PM – Saturn quintile Chiron (72º)

Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. A keen student of astrology, brain science and Law of Attraction, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. If you’d like Janette’s in-depth insights into your own unique astrological chart, you can find her via Facebook, or at her website Resonant Joy.  And if you’re new to astrology and would like a simple guide on how to create and use your chart, be sure to pick up Janette’s free Astrology 101 resource here.

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