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Astrology: from 2019 into 2020

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

There are three significant astrological events coming up this week, all lending fantastic support to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction due in mid January.

You’ll want to take advantage of all three!

First, Mercury moves into Capricorn (exact times below).

Expect to find your thinking becoming more ordered and practical – very useful to help you get ready for 2020, after setting your intentions with the New Moon Eclipse (25/26 December).

If you haven’t done that yet, it’s not too late – time to make that a priority so you can get lined up with your most delightful 2020.

With Mercury in Capricorn, it becomes easier to get precise with our thoughts and words. 

If there is confusion, it’s worth asking how much attention other outside voices are getting from you. 

Other people’s opinions (past, present or future) are nothing more than static on the line.

Of course, you will want to take the views of loved ones into account – but not at the expense of your own clear preferences, ideas and values.

Don’t be surprised to find boundaries far easier to set and maintain under this powerful influence.

Do be careful to watch out for rigidity in your thinking; clarity and fluidity with a healthy dash of “line in the sand” is the way to go.

A few days later, asteroid Vesta turns direct, after being in Retrograde motion since 24 September.

Vesta is an ancient goddess, depicted as a literal flame, and worshipped by the Romans as the key to their success.

Astrologically, Vesta is associated with both the flame in the hearth and the flame in the heart. 

She’s linked with the passion which fuels our devotions to our ideals, our higher purpose, new depths in our work, deeper layers to our legacy. She’s also associated with sexual passion and fierce feminine (and feminist) independence.

While she was in Retrograde motion, you may have been pondering exactly what it is you long to be devoted to, or even perhaps how you can possibly manage to stay devoted.

She began her Retrograde motion at 27° of Taurus, and she will turn direct on 29 December at 12° of Taurus (if you know where that is in your chart, check those degrees for house and any aspects it might create).

As Vesta turns direct, it will feel like the brakes come off, and your capacity for dedication finally picks up momentum.

The third event this week is Mars moving into Sagittarius.

This is a fabulous opportunity to tap into and act upon your idealistic visions for what lies beyond the known.

If the horizons of possibility were completely unlimited, and anything at all could happen, what actions would you take?

With this dynamic, you’ll likely find yourself inspired, optimistic, feisty, courageous and adventurous.

You may find you have itchy feet and you long for actual physical travel; or you may merely crave the exploration of something new and beyond the ordinary.

Here are some ways to play with the astrology of this week coming:

  • Carve out time with the energy of words: write in a journal, speak out loud, create a poem or a song lyric, chant an inspiring mantra. Put plans into words and set them down on paper. Get feisty and picky about your internal dialogue. If you did the intention-setting work for the new moon eclipse, turn some of those intentions into actual affirmations to use for daily practice. For example “I intend to shine bright in the world“ would become simply “I now shine bright in the world“. Repeat twice daily until at least the next New Moon. 
  • Light a sacred flame to honour Vesta, and ask her to fire up your devotion to what you’re longing to create. You may even like to set up an altar to this intriguing Roman goddess of the flame. (If Vesta appeals to you, I highly recommend you get into Jacqui Gates’s world)
  • Activate the energy of adventure, in ways that excite you: a horse-riding lesson, a hike to a new place, joining a choir which sings unfamiliar music, a brand-new recipe using an ingredient you’ve never tried before, learning a new dance style or a new martial art.

These three astrological events support us in embracing the power of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in two weeks, as well as lining up for joyful and intentional expansion in 2020

For extra juice, if you know where to look in your chart, look to the houses (areas of life) where 0° Capricorn, 12° Taurus, and 0° Sagittarius land. Lovely! 

Exact times (US Eastern timezone)

  • 28 December 2019, 11:54 pm – Mercury into Capricorn
  • 29 December 2019, 5:42 pm – Vesta turns direct
  • 3 January 2020, 4:37 am – Mars into Sagittarius

Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to wreak more joy in the world. A keen student of astrology, brain science and Law of Attraction, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. If you’d like Janette’s in-depth insights into your own unique astrological chart, you can find her via Facebook, or at her website Resonant Joy. And for her special free Astrology 101 resource, click this link.

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