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3 Stories You Should Read 1/15/2020: Putin, Impeachment, Dem Debate

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Putin is sending a message to the world with his shock announcement

When Russia’s entire government resigned on Wednesday, even long-term Kremlin observers were taken by surprise.

Earlier in the day, Vladimir Putin had announced his plan to push through reforms that would make his successor as president less powerful, by redistributing power in such a way that that the Russian parliament and office of prime minister will have greater clout.
He thanked the resigning members of the government for their service, but said that “not everything worked out.”

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House votes to send Trump impeachment articles to Senate, triggering trial

The Senate trial won’t begin in earnest until Tuesday.

The House voted to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate and appoint the Democrats’ seven-member team of managers who will prosecute President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The vote, which was largely along party lines, comes after Speaker Nancy Pelosi delayed transmitting the articles for nearly a month as she sought to pressure Senate Republicans to call in new witnesses against Trump.

The articles of impeachment will be sent across the Capitol in a formal procession on Wednesday afternoon, with the Senate’s swearing-in to begin Thursday.




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4 Takeaways From The Democratic Presidential Debate In Iowa

The status quo prevails, and Warren and Sanders survive their beef.

The theoretical stakes for Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, sponsored by CNN and The Des Moines Register, were gigantic. Four candidates, locked in what polling indicates is a four-way tie, were debating in Iowa’s capital just weeks before the state’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

But the eventual debate saw little in the way of new dividing lines between the candidates and nothing that was likely to dramatically change voters’ minds.




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