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The Adopt-A-Moderate-Republican-Senator Program

The Adopt-A-Moderate-Republican-Senator Program
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Let me tell you about my Adopt-A-Moderate-Republican-Senator program.

Here’s how it works:
1. Select a moderate republican senator. Or, Joe Manchin will also do.

2. Commit to emailing or calling them nearly every day.

3. Share with them your views on impeachment or national security.

4. Repeat.

I’ve adopted Mitt Romney! I spent some time in Utah recently, so I’m practically a constituent. The way I see it, right now we’re all constituents.

Most the time my efforts felt about as impactful as clipping my nails. Especially when I would receive my riveting form-letter responses. But, I would tell myself that at least I’m doing something, and doing it consistently.

But today, today I will write a note to Mitt thanking him for stating publicly that he will vote to have John Bolton testify. I asked him to do that! Pretty sure my pressure campaign is paying off. Me, and hopefully countless others like me.

So get in on the Adopt-A-Moderate-Republican Senator Program today! (Or the AAMRSP as we in the know call it.) Share YOUR senator here, so we can collect all 7 (ish), for which you’ll get a set of nail clippers—and perhaps, your democracy. 💪🏼

I forgot the best part! As a member of the AAMRSP, you get to take outrageous credit for anything Your Senator™️ does! Because if they did it, you pretty much caused it.



For more information on who to adopt click HERE. 


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