Home News 3 Stories You Should Read 1/24/2020: Debra Messing, Adam Schiff, Mitt Romney

3 Stories You Should Read 1/24/2020: Debra Messing, Adam Schiff, Mitt Romney

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Pro-Trump groups have a new impeachment enemy: Republicans

Activists are pressuring the few moderate Republicans to reject any proposal that would allow for witnesses or new evidence.

The effort is part of a blitz of moderate senators from conservative groups that involves office visits, phone calls, and TV and digital ads. The groups are hoping that by persuading a few Democrats to join an almost-lockstep Republican Party, they can show the country that there’s at least some bipartisan support for the notion that the impeachment process just needs to be over. Trump has already shown that he’s eager to pick up on such messaging, frequently boasting about the few Democrats who broke ranks to vote with a unified Republican party against impeachment in the House.



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Adam Schiff: ‘Dangerous’ Trump Must Be Removed Because He Won’t Put America First

“The American people deserve a president they can count on to put their interests first,” the House impeachment manager argued at Trump’s Senate trial.

WASHINGTON ― House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) delivered an impassioned appeal on the floor of the Senate on Thursday evening imploring Republicans to vote to remove President Donald Trump from office because he’ll put himself ahead of the nation’s interests.

Schiff said that no one was arguing in good faith that Trump wasn’t guilty of putting his personal political interests ahead of the interests of the United States when he withheld aid to Ukraine to pressure its government to smear a political rival. Schiff’s speech capped off the second full day in which the House impeachment managers made their case for forcing Trump out of the White House.


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Inside the secret Twitter rooms where Debra Messing, Don Cheadle, and the rest of the celebrity #Resistance organizes

Progressive influencers, activists, and presidential campaigns are organizing behind digital closed doors.

In October, television actress Debra Messing had a concern a lot of Democrats share: that the party won’t rally around the eventual 2020 presidential nominee. She came across a New York magazine story that highlighted Bernie Sanders saying the 2016 primary was “rigged” and declining to affirm he’d support the Democratic White House candidate if it isn’t him. “This is UNACCEPTABLE,” the Will & Grace star remarked.




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