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3 Stories You Should Read 06/12/2020: Republican Aides, Breonna’s Law, Seattle Chaz

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‘They had a huge opportunity’: People of color on Trump’s team reckon with a backlash

Trump aides are wrestling with the president’s equivocation amid the nation’s most intense anti-racism protests in decades.

These Republican aides — people of color appointed by the Trump team — say they are mystified as to why the president can so forcefully call for law and order amid ongoing protests, yet he cannot speak with the same conviction about racism in America, or offer words to soothe a divided and scared nation as it faces social unrest alongside a pandemic and an economic downturn.

“They had a huge opportunity, and they botched it,” said one senior administration official, among several people of color who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid putting their jobs at risk. “They could have gotten out ahead of it by having the president say something or go to Minnesota, where he’s been many times. I don’t know what led to the botching. Maybe he needs more advisers who have a better sense of what is going on in the real world.”



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Louisville Bans No-Knock Warrants With ‘Breonna’s Law,’ But Her Killers Still Haven’t Been Arrested

The Louisville Metro Council unanimously passed a law banning “no-knock” warrants in the city on Thursday. The measure was named after Breonna Taylor, the 26-year-old woman who was shot and killed in March after officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department entered her home on one such warrant.

Under “Breonna’s Law,” law enforcement in Louisville will no longer be able to enter homes unannounced, as they allegedly did on the night Taylor was killed, according to the Washington Post. Cops will also be required to wear body cameras when serving warrants.

The three cops, who shot Taylor at least eight times, were not wearing body cameras on the night she was killed, and they have yet to be arrested or even charged in her death.



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George Floyd: Trump told to back off Seattle’s Chaz police-free zone

The area around East Precinct in Seattle became a battleground between protesters and police in the past two weeks, leading the governor to send in the National Guard and for the mayor to impose a curfew.

During the violence, demonstrators threw missiles at police, cars were torched and looting broke out, according to local media.

At the weekend, Seattle police used tear gas and flash bangs to disperse protesters. Members of the city council rebuked the police department, accusing them of heavy-handed tactics.

Then on Monday, the mayor ordered barricades to be removed near the precinct and the police building was boarded up.




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