Home News 3 Stories You Should Read 07/02/2020: Biden, Jobs Report, Paul McCowns

3 Stories You Should Read 07/02/2020: Biden, Jobs Report, Paul McCowns

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A 911 call, a racial slur, a refusal to cash a check. This is what it’s like for some Black bank customers

Paul McCowns walked into an Ohio bank clutching his first paycheck from a new job at an electric company. But instead of cashing the check worth about $1,000, the teller called 911.

As he walked out of the Huntington Bank branch in Brooklyn empty-handed, an officer waiting outside handcuffed him and put him in the back of a police cruiser.

“I have a customer here — he’s not our customer, actually. He’s trying to cash a check and the check is fraudulent. It does not match our records,” a bank employee says on a recording of the 911 call obtained by CNN.
For many African Americans, what happened to McCowns in December 2018 is a common experience. Banking while Black is another entry in an ever-growing list of people calling the police on African Americans doing everyday things.

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Beware Anyone Touting Thursday’s Monster Jobs Report

Especially you-know-who.

Republicans in Congress and the White House have been rooting for a fast jobs recovery because they want the economy and American life more generally to get back to normal before the November election, despite Trump’s abject failure to contain the virus. The GOP also wants to limit the size of the next coronavirus relief package, which lawmakers are expected to negotiate this month. They would especially like to cut back on the $600-per-week unemployment benefits that the jobless are relying on, in part because they think that will speed people’s return to work. And according to the Washington Post’s Jeff Stein, the administration believes Thursday’s jobs report will help their cause.

But the new wave of cases and reclosings across the country should raise obvious suspicion about whether the country will continue to add jobs at the overall rate it did during May and June. There are plenty of reasons for doubt in the economic data as well. While the headline unemployment rate fell in June, the number of Americans who had permanently lost their jobs, and were not just on a temporary layoff, rose. Private sector figures on small business activity suggest that their recovery has started to taper off. Meanwhile, millions of Americans are continuing to file for unemployment insurance every week, which implies major layoffs are still happening. Also Thursday, the Department of Labor reported that the number of Americans on the jobless rolls actually ticked up between the weeks ending June 13 and June 20.



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Poll: Biden maintains double-digit lead over Trump

The survey found half of registered voters say they are not at all likely to support Trump.

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead President Donald Trump by a wide margin nationally, a poll released Thursday shows, as the race for the White House stabilizes, at least for the time being, with Biden well in front.

The Monmouth University poll shows Biden with a 12-point nationwide lead over the president, 53 percent to 41 percent among registered voters. Last month, Monmouth’s poll told a similar story, with the presumptive Democratic nominee holding 52 percent support compared with Trump’s 41 percent.



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