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3 Stories You Should Read 7/14/2020: Florida, Trump, Republicans

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America shuts down again — choosing reality over Trump’s false claims

While President Donald Trump obsesses about his reelection hopes in his White House bubble, state and local leaders are frantically reversing state reopenings that he demanded, which turned America into the world’s biggest coronavirus hotspot.

As emergency rooms filled and the virus quickened its relentless march across southern and Western states, Trump stuck to the fiction that the worst is already over: “We had to close it down; now we’re opening it up,” the President said of the economy at the White House, patting himself on the back for saving “millions of lives.”
As new cases of the disease reach 60,000 a day nationwide, many leaders, including those who supported Trump’s aggressive approach, now have little choice but to prioritize science over politics, leaving the President looking out of touch with reality.

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Republicans are breaking from Trump’s coronavirus talking points

A growing number of the president’s allies are undercutting his attempts to minimize the pandemic’s dangers.

From masks to school reopenings to the testing abilities of the United States, some of President Donald Trump’s central political talking points are being undermined by a growing circle of usually reliable allies as the coronavirus roars back to alarming levels.

The breaks with Trump come as the president’s poll numbers on handling the virus and his job approval in general continue to sink, while the administration tries to put the virus in the rearview despite record-breaking case numbers and straining health care systems.



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More US schools go online-only as Florida COVID-19 deaths surge

Despite record increase in deaths, Florida still plans for its schools to resume in-person learning in August.

With coronavirus infections and deaths rising in many parts of the country, United States educators from California to Wisconsin are opting for online learning rather than a return to classrooms when the school year begins in a few weeks.

Florida reported a record increase in COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday with 133 more lives lost, raising the state’s total deaths to more than 4,500. The previous record increase was 120 on July 9.



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