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How To Be Your Own Religion

by Confluence
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By: Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Big newsflash: What you’re looking for is inside you. You already knew that but you might have forgotten. A lot of people profit when you forget who you are. 
I have grown very tired of religion that seeks to control. I am also exhausted with new age spirituality that advertises how different it is, but behaves exactly the same way.  
A lot of people, “teachers”, organizations, churches, and gurus are raking in a lot of money making you believe they’ve got what you’re looking for, that they know something you don’t know – and maybe they do. Maybe they know how to market some bullshit better than most. 
However, what they don’t have is the key to unlocking all of the magic in your soul. The reason you’re still looking is because the things they are peddling haven’t set you free. 
When you quit seeking because you think you found someone who knows everything you need to know about life, your ever-expanding creation, and the pursuit of a relationship with the Divine, you subjugate yourself to what someone else is selling. You stop evolving. Evolution is your nature. Guru worship in any form de-natures you. It strips you of your genius. 
Let me offer you a word of caution: Guru-worship comes in many forms. It sneaks up on you. Sometimes it’s hard to spot.  
In case you haven’t noticed, where you are right now is not where you thought you’d be. We are off the map, all of us. No one could have known what was coming. As we stand in this moment, you probably aren’t having the summer you thought you would. You’re probably concerned the rest of 2020 or maybe even the rest of your life isn’t going to be what you hoped. We’ve learned some hard lessons. We have some big questions. We’re looking for comfort and answers.  
People will go back to church. They will roll through personal development books and gurus as if there is someone or something out there that will get us to the other side of the uncertainty. They will look for the next teacher the way an addict looks for a drug. 
Don’t be those people.
We’re rupturing.
We’re coming undone.
We’re remaking ourselves because we have to. 
It might be time to regain control of all of your energy and all of your thoughts.  
It’s time to be your own religion. 
Trust me. You are more than glorious enough. 
Ditch your gurus. 
Put down your books. 
Erase all the programs you paid for but never used that are taking up space on the harddrive of your computer.
Release yourself from the influence of anyone who tells you they have a secret. 
Allow yourself to listen for the whisperings of the wisdom of the Gods who birthed you as they blow through your soul in a secret language only you know. 
You don’t need a conduit to the Divine. You were born out of the vapor of spirit herself. You don’t need a decoder ring, a translator, a priest, or your a channeler. Sprit speaks your first language. It’s called imagination. 
Get quiet. Get right with yourself. Drop to your knees or raise your arms to the sky – but whatever you do, have your own conversations with infinity. No one is more worthy than you are to sit with all that is because you are all that is in a brilliant package of perfection. You are infinity embodied the sacred moment of now.
Don’t allow things that are beneath you. Hold yourself to the highest standards. You are are worthy of your own devotion. Behave like a Divine being taking in life with every human breath. You are a sacred relic of the dreams of your ancestors. Treat yourself yourself accordingly. 
Be who you want to be. 
Walk your talk.
Decide what your rules are and follow them – but only follow YOUR rules.
Quit making excuses for your shit. Unfuck yourself. Stop letting yourself off the hook because you think you’re broken. You aren’t. 
Let go of the illusion you can’t be the best version of yourself until you heal, grow, or join another group, club, or church. 
You were born perfect and you still are.
Start acting like it. 
Spend time in nature because it will remind you who you are. 
Spend time in awe of the Universe that is bigger than you while at the same time remembering it is in you. It is all inside you. There is nothing out there. Everything is connected to everything else. You cannot be alone because you are a part of a whole that can’t be broken. 
Let the sacred flow through you. 
Give prayers of gratitude for the things you don’t yet have because that is the only way to alchemize your desires into your reality. You are magic like that.
Create rituals that remind yourself who you are. 
Do those rituals.
Free yourself. 
Take back your thoughts. 
Be your own religion. 
Do it now. It’s time.

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