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Astrology: handling the storms in style

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

If you’re feeling at all frazzled right now, that’s perfectly normal.

Since early 2019, we’ve been experiencing the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, alongside the powerful influence of Jupiter during 2020.

Now we have Mars in his own fiery sign of Aries, issuing and awakening a challenge to that collaboration of mighty outer planets basically until the end of the year.

And he turned Retrograde (Rx) last week. 

in personal terms, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction has always been an invitation to ensure that we have robust foundations for whatever it is we are building next.

In societal terms, it’s exactly the same.

As my colleague Karen Hawkwood says, it is an opportunity to re-examine our own right relationship with power. 

We examine aspects of authority and governance, in order to ensure that the underlying construction is solid and sound and well-made. You may have views on how that’s playing out in the USA and other countries…

From last week through to early January 2021, Mars in his own sign of bold Aries brings an unquenchable spirit of leadership in action, ready to charge into battle, especially when there is a seemingly impossible quest to be undertaken.

Saturn wants things to be substantial and sustainable so they pass his rigorous tests for quality assurance.

Mars wants fiery action so all the changes can be made, all the vulnerable protected, all the ideas turned into reality and all the passions explored.

Pluto wants deep transformation so our most hidden powers can emerge and help reshape our world in significant ways.

At these times, the warrior energy can rise even higher, but it can also feel like the brakes are on, so frustration can be a factor.

And for some of us who are still in some form of shutdown, our normal outlets – vigorous gym workouts, long walks on the beach, sweaty sex – might be unavailable, adding to the frazzle.

But hold your nerve. This marathon won’t last forever. 

And the upcoming New Moon is a perfect opportunity to take a breath, regroup and recharge for a moment.

During Mars Rx we can anticipate previously hidden hostilities being exposed to the light of day.

We may find people we could tolerate becoming intolerable. 

We may find people we thought on our side are not.

We may find our patience for people who push our boundaries has worn thin.

It can be difficult and painful, but ultimately it’s authentic and out there, and that means NOW we can tackle it.

The traditional view of Mars Rx is that a hostility which is initiated during this time is doomed to failure, even if the cause is just.

In other words – this is not a time to launch into a major conflict of any kind. But an existing conflict is ripe for you to find the highest ground and make your stand, help those in trouble and defend the vulnerable.

We can view the whole Saturn-Pluto situation through this lens, too. 

We can look at the structures and systems of governance as they play out in practice around us and ask if they live up to our demands for quality.

Do they look after the vulnerable? Are they inclusive? Are they fair and open? Are those relationships with power being done properly, with all due diligence, with checks and balances?

Our key work at this time is to get highly strategic about where we want to devote our own potent Mars energy (aka our inner action warrior, the superheroine who seeks to protect the vulnerable and defend the helpless).

Overall we are in a period of significant change but it WILL start to resolve at the end of the year, when we see the beginning of the age of Aquarius (Jupiter and Saturn meet in the first degree of Aquarius).

Until then, it’s like being in a marathon.

Conserve your energy, pick your battles, and pace yourself.

In its darkest form, the Mars pressure can show up as hidden violence, the kind which operates secretly, behind closed doors.

So we aim for the highest vibration of the warrior energy – the champion and protector of the vulnerable.

Take advantage of the upcoming New Moon beautiful, Mercury-ruled Virgo, which brings its special gifts of clarity, analysis and discernment to the mix. 

Where Mars wants to go in, sword aloft and battle cry on his lips, Virgo introduces order to the chaos.  

It’s perfect timing to help us take advantage of the potentially stormy Mars weather. 

Here’s one approach you can use:

  • Before the New Moon, take advantage of the Dark Moon to quietly release anything which feels like it’s cluttering up the place. This is NOT about Kondo-ing your entire home! Rather, sit quietly with your own thoughts and investigate which old paradigms or habits of behaviour are no longer serving you? Write a letter to that old habit, thanking it and letting it know you no longer need it in your life. Burn the letter and bask in the freedom
  • With the New Moon, explore your own thoughts with no judgement – just the expert discernment of one who knows her true desires and goals. Devote some time as close to the New Moon as possible to assess your highest priorities and only choose the top few. Mars likes to urge us to take All The Actions, and if your bandwidth is limited you’ll need Virgo to help you prioritise and then stick to that decision
  • Invite the clarity of Virgo and the power of Mars to stabilise, sustain and support your own personal boundaries. This is not about expecting others to change their behaviour. This is about deciding where your line in the sand sits, and what action you will take if it is crossed – hanging up the phone, unfollowing, kicking someone out of your group, walking away. You choose. 
  • Then use Mars Rx to pause and assess your current action plans. Ask:
    • Is this the most effective action I could take here?
    • Is this the right timing for this action, or is there a better time yet to come?
    • Is this action truly coherent with my most authentic self?
    • Is this action a high priority for right now?
    • Is this action inspired by fear or love?
    • Is my own relationship with power, authority and governance as transparent, loving and forward-focused as possible? If not, what action can I take to feel more aligned?

Exact times (US Eastern timezone):

  • Sep 9, 6:22 PM – Mars Retrograde at 28º Aries
  • Sep 17, 7:00 AM – New Moon at 25º Virgo
  • Nov 13, 7:35 PM – Mars turns Direct at 15º Aries

Janette Dalgliesh is an elite coach for feisty, progressive women who want to change the world, make great money and experience joy, without the dude-bro hustle or the zombie shuffle. Her unique blend of astrology and neuroscience-based coaching is how her international clientele – the poets, the politicians, the artists and the entrepreneurs – create their big dreams in just a few short months. Find Janette at her website. 

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