Home News 3 Stories You Should Read 9/25/2020: SCOTUS Term Limits, Endorsing Biden, How Will Trump Cheat Next?

3 Stories You Should Read 9/25/2020: SCOTUS Term Limits, Endorsing Biden, How Will Trump Cheat Next?

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Days after the Trump-Pence campaign released an endorsement letter signed by 235 retired military officers, a coalition of nearly 500 current and former national security leaders has released its own letter endorsing challenger Joe Biden for president.

The open letter, published Thursday morning by National Security Leaders for Biden, contains 489 names, including 22 retired four-star generals and admirals; five former defense secretaries; and other notable leaders including former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former NASA administrator Charles Bolden, among others.

Addressed to “Our Fellow Citizens,” the letter describes its signers as including Republicans, Democrats and Independents united by a common fear for the future of the country.



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The Biggest Question Of The Election: How Will Trump Cheat Next?

With just six weeks to go until Election Day, President Donald Trump’s critics have a nagging worry: How will he cheat next?

With a president accused of stiffing hundreds of contractors as a private businessman, who knowingly accepted Russian help to win in 2016, who has already begged and extorted foreign leaders for help winning in 2020, that he will try in the coming days, they say, is a foregone conclusion.

“I think the notion of whether he will try to cheat is almost laughable. Of course he is going to cheat,” said Daniel Goldman, the former federal prosecutor who led the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment investigation of Trump’s attempted extortion of Ukraine.



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