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(and potentially other southern states to be named at a future date)
1. Schedule an appointment to talk to your gynecologist TODAY to discuss your family planning options. If possible, stock up on birth control. If you do not have an established relationship with a gyno, schedule a consult appointment at Planned Parenthood as soon as possible.
2. Make a plan NOW. Decide what you would do in the unanticipated event you need medical services no longer available in your state. If that plan involves an out-of-state contact you may need to visit for seven to ten days, make that plan with your contact over the phone. Do not make plans via email or text. Your digital records could be subpoenaed in a criminal investigation.
3. TELL NO ONE ABOUT YOUR PLAN. Anyone in your life (especially anyone in Texas) could be questioned or called to testify under oath in an investigation or trial.
4. Visit this website: https://aidaccess.org/
5. If you are of childbearing age and are the victim of sexual assault, think long and hard about reporting your assault to the authorities. Discuss your options with a TRUSTED family planning source like a family planning advocate at Planned Parenthood before you involve law enforcement. If you decide to report and you can afford it, take your attorney with you when you go to the police department.
6. Do not attempt experimental, herbal, or “natural” abortion alternatives without the supervision of a trained medical professional.
7. Figure out now who you would call if you are notified you are under investigation for an illegal abortion; memorize that contact number. This should be an attorney or Planned Parenthood to ask for a legal referral in your area.
8. If you get pregnant, even if you intend to bring that pregnancy to term, do not tell anyone for as long as possible. You could be investigated and potentially charged for an illegal abortion should you miscarry.
9. If you miscarry during pregnancy, reach out to a licensed therapist for support and do not tell anyone else. The therapist’s license will legally bind them to confidentiality in the unfortunate event of an investigation.
10. If you are questioned by law enforcement about a pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage, invoke your right to remain silent immediately, and ask for legal counsel.

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