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Reading Time: 5 minutes When I shook Marianne’s hand that afternoon in Greenville—a packed room of mostly women, women of all stripes—thanking her for putting love on the ballot, she replied, “Yes! It’s time to get radical with our love.” Radical, like love as an “essential existential fact.” Radical, like love is “our purpose on earth.” Radical, like your life depended on it!

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There is No Healing Without Love

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our body’s propensity is to heal. You may be doing everything you can to support your body and promote healing – keep doing the things that support you. I had a serious health crisis of my own, and although it was nearly two decades ago, I still vividly remember the frustration of doing everything I knew to do and not finding relief. It’s frustrating. Don’t give up. Infuse your self-care with LOVE.

You are made of Love, worthy of Love, capable of Love…there is so much Love for you in the world. Your heart, mind, soul, body, spirit are all parts of a beautiful miracle that is you.

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