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There is No Healing Without Love

There is No Healing Without Love
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I’ve been reading quite a few thoughtful conversations this morning about health, including mental health. Personally, in the past week, I’ve been involved in several conversations about pain in the body, including both pain caused by injuries and discomfort stemming from disease. These conversations were focused on how exactly we could meet those challenges, which of course, is always a very personal choice. Some of us attempt to alleviate pain by seeking the help of doctors and traditional allopathic medicine, some of us by employing alternative healing methods, some of us choose to adopt a combination of remedies, and some of us make the choice to self-medicate – sometimes with less than satisfactory results. One thing is certain – when we are in pain we seek relief.

As I write this it isn’t even noon yet and so far today I’ve already heard someone asking about the cause of neck pain, someone else mentioning shoulder pain, and I’ve had my own complaint with a hand that is obviously fed up with whatever I’ve been forcing it to do too much of lately. I’d like to say it’s a mopping injury because I hate mopping, but more likely it’s just a strain from typing, writing, drawing, knitting or one of the other myriad labors I love and require my hands to participate in – (thank you Hands, I do not ever want to take you for granted.) Minor pain, yes, but nevertheless – pain.  

If you have pain in the body, if you have emotional pain, perhaps you have long-term health issues, or maybe you just have a sore throat or a head cold or just a muscle strain from doing something you love – whatever it is that ails you, this is for you.

The intention of this post is to support you in moving towards healing – not to place blame. However much I can agree or identify with the “law of attraction” – I do not agree with any sort of “blame the victim” mentality. I don’t believe it is your fault or my fault when an illness or injury befalls you or me. We live on planet Earth, and pain is part of our experience here. Shit happens, as they say. Blame is not part of the equation.

However, consciousness requires that we take responsibility for our own health and our own experience. So regardless of the root cause of the health issues we experience, there are actions that can move us away from pain and “dis-ease” and towards an experience of less suffering. The combination of actions you take to relieve your own suffering is your own personal choice.

Here is the singular thing that I want to bring into focus:

There is no healing without Love.

In ancient Greece there were temples dedicated to the God of Healing, Asclepius.  His daughters were Hygieia (the Goddess of Cleanliness), Iaso (the Goddess of Recuperation), Aegle (the Goddess of Beauty and Splendor), and Panacea (The Goddess of Universal Remedy) – but in these temples there were often also shrines to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Because although we can tend to rest, recuperation, hygiene, beauty and remedies – there is no healing without Love.

We are holistic beings, and everything affects everything else.

When our bodies hurt it affects our emotions, when our heart is broken it can affect our physical health, when we stuff our emotions our bodies end up suffering. Everything affects everything else.

When we’ve been hurt and hold unforgiveness towards those who have wounded us, our own bodies, emotions, spirit and mental health suffer. An expression that comes to mind is “holding a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

Forgiving someone for hurting us sets us free. Forgiving is for us.

Love allows us to forgive. Love allows us to heal.

And Love is something we choose, something we decide upon.

Love is a quality that has immense power, and the power of a quality manifests in the action of that quality.

The power of Love comes via loving acts – self-love included.

The power of Truth comes when we are honest – with ourselves as well as others.

The power of Peace comes when we lay down our weapons and our grudges.

The power of Compassion is made manifest in our acts of kindness.

And the power in our actions of self-care (in this case the things we are doing to promote our healing) is magnified many times over when our self-care in infused with self-LOVE.

Our body’s propensity is to heal. You may be doing everything you can to support your body and promote healing – keep doing the things that support you. I had a serious health crisis of my own, and although it was nearly two decades ago, I still vividly remember the frustration of doing everything I knew to do and not finding relief. It’s frustrating. Don’t give up. Infuse your self-care with LOVE.

You are made of Love, worthy of Love, capable of Love…there is so much Love for you in the world. Your heart, mind, soul, body, spirit are all parts of a beautiful miracle that is you.

Love is available all around us, but we have to be open to seeing it, and finding it.

We can tap into the enormous power of Love by seeking it, envisioning it, showing it, embracing it, and sharing it with others. Love will be the healing of our bodies and the healing of our planet, and the healing power of love manifests by one loving act at a time.

I leave you with this beautiful vision from the author Marianne Williamson:

“We will bathe in magic water and will allow the sun to dry our skin. We will close our eyes and take in new light. We will listen to the whispering counsel of angels.

We will look at each other with the eyes of the new. We will honor each other with the crown of the sky. We will touch each other with the touch of the earth.

And love will be our medicine. God will smile, and we will smile, and the world itself will become more glad. Come with me. I want to show you love.”


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