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Month: May 2018

Royal Wedding Redux: The Real Legacy of Princess Diana – Why Royal Weddings Matter Part 7

As the world welcomes a new “princess” today, we are reminded of another celebrated royal wedding almost four decades ago. It was a landmark event broadcast in 74 countries and watched around the world by over 750 million people—including me and my pajama-party friends!

The moment Diana stepped out of that fairy-tale-inspired glass coach on her wedding morning with endless yards of silk train magically materializing with her—”like seeing a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis,” her gown designers wrote later—she had us hook, line and sinker. Princess Diana did not invent our fascination with royalty, nevertheless, her wedding ushered in a whole new ballgame—and the world was never quite the same.

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Aspen Baker: A Better Way to Talk About Abortion

Abortion is extremely common. In America, for example, one in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime, yet the strong emotions sparked by the topic — and the highly politicized rhetoric around it — leave little room for thoughtful, open debate. In this personal, thoughtful talk, Aspen Baker makes the case for being neither “pro-life” nor “pro-choice” but rather “pro-voice” — and for the roles that listening and storytelling can play when it comes to discussing difficult topics.

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Turning Chores And Routines, into Rehearsal and Ritual

Turning your routines into ritual gives you so much more connection with your home, with your stuff. It’s a connection to your outsides, from your insides. When you reframe house-“work” into house-care, it changes how you tend to your home.

Think of a house-care task that needs to be done. One that you usually put off or avoid altogether. Play with what meaning it has for you and see how you can sprinkle some fairy dust on it.

How can you infuse magic into that task?

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Our Relationship Is Fine, I’m Just Unhappy

In a recent interview, I was asked what the warning signs of a marriage on the brink were. I’m sure the interviewer was expecting to hear, abuse, infidelity, dishonesty, loss of intimacy, addiction, or any number of other big-ticket relationship deal breakers. When I answered the question by saying it was declining marital satisfaction, he was tongue-tied. He characterized that answer as elementary.

I think it’s anything but elementary. Not being happy in a relationship is the number one leading cause of all kinds of other bad things. In most cases, those other big-ticket deal breakers are symptoms of just not being happy enough. Typically a couple won’t seek help for “not being as happy as they used to be” and that’s too bad. At the “I’m just not happy” stage of trouble, there is still a lot of hope for getting a relationship back on track. At the “I’ve had an affair and want a divorce” stage of trouble, not so much.

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Planned Parenthood, Santa Fe Shooting, Schlossberg: 3 News Stories You Should Read Today – 5/18/2018

Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of: Unless it’s your mistress… Trump to target Planned Parenthood with new abortion curbs The Trump administration is expected to announce Friday that it will dramatically change the federal family planning program to prohibit health care providers who accept the funds from mentioning abortion — a step that would effectively cut off millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood. The changes to the Title X program —which are expected to be announced in new regulations — would mark the Trump administration’s latest win for social...

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