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Your City is Living Energy. You Can Make it Better

by Confluence
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By: Ruby Gangadharan – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Step outside your home and breathe in the air, take in the sights and sounds… Ah yes, the all too familiar feeling of ‘being home’

We all know of a distinct ‘feeling’ about the city or town we live in. If you were asked to describe your city or town I bet somewhere you’d mention ‘the general vibe you get from the city or town

If you think about it, in certain places you immediately feel rushed, while in others you feel calm or happy and in others, you might feel romantic or intellectual.

Our cities, towns, the places we live in are earth, soil, air and sun; all living energy with a consciousness. And those that live within that space, the trees, birds, animals and humans add to the dynamics and health of this energy. Each conscious living being adds some of their own energy to it.

Humans are living beings and as such our thoughts, words and actions are all energy forms that radiate from us and mix with the energies that surround us. We also ‘attract’ energies that match our own and ‘soak-in’ energies that surround us.

So let’s say on one side you have a city with healthy, lush trees, a good balance of birds and animals that are free and allowed to exist naturally, and has people that are happy and content the qualities of these energies penetrate the ground and air in that city.

While on the other side, you have an area where the people, animals, or nature is experiencing trauma or difficulties you’ll notice the energy of heaviness, sadness, irritation etc penetrate the ground and air in that area.

So in the first area, one might feel light and happy while in the second one might feel down and tired.

We are literally contributing to the living energy of our cities and towns AND in turn, we are ‘marinating’ in the existing energy of our cities and towns.

This is why so many people have to plan a holiday or a nature ‘get-away’. Why when we go outside of our cities and feel refreshed and lighter and on the drive back we start to ‘feel heavy’.

So what can we do to raise the vibe of the place we live in, how can we begin to change or improve the energies of our beloved cities and towns?

Here are four simple ways to positively contribute:

Work on your individual energy: The first place to begin is your own inner world. The internal thoughts and feelings are the place to start because what you hold inside is what you are projecting into your surroundings. How you are inside is your point of operation, it is your reference point for everything you do. Become a vessel of love, compassion, peace and joy and that’s what you will send out into your surroundings.

Create an uplifting space in your home and garden: This one is not about expensive redecoration of your home. It’s more about how the physical space is maintained. Is your home warm, happy, clean, or is it scattered with things and dirty? Whatever your station, whatever the size of the home, whatever the possessions, is it kept well, is it cohesive to your living. Do you feel good, relaxed when you are at home? When you spend time at home what are you speaking about it or what is the space invoking within you?

Improve the quality of your interactions: As you go about your daily routine become aware of how you show up to others around you. Each interaction is an opportunity to add more of the ‘good stuff’. Wave at your neighbor, smile at a stranger, hold the door for someone, watch your reaction when someone bumps into you, ask about someone’s day, entertain the baby on the bus, call home.

Build a positive community around you: Spread the cheer. Create physical communities around uplifting topics and activities. Have a neighbor over for some tea, do a book club, host a free meditation… Start to bring together like-minded people, offer to host or contribute to uplifting causes. Do it for the person next to you, maybe some who needs help down the street. Building a uplifting physical community is a way to supersize the positive energy quickly.


There is a lot of unrest, stress, anxiety, pain and fear going around the world. But each of these is within us too which is why they show up in the collective. Our cities and towns are a direct reflection of the people living there and even though it’s difficult to fathom, a slight change in our individual energy can pull hundreds of others up. One person can help multiple people shift which will start a chain reaction in no time.    

So, What is the energy that you are contributing to your city?


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Ruby is a Spiritualist & Dog lover, Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Deliberate Creator, Writer & Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner. A forever creative and her virtual address is www.everydayloamagic.com
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