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3 News Stories You Should Read Today ~ 3/5/2018

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North Korea’s Kim Jong-un meets South Korea envoys in Pyongyang

Kim hosts dinner with South Korean president’s special envoys, according to South Korean media.

The meeting comes as a delegation of South Korean officials traveled to North Korea on Monday to discuss bilateral relations between the two, rival neighbors and potential dialogue between Washington and Pyongyang administrations.

According to US media, the South Korean envoys are also expected to put forward the president’s wishes for nuclear disarmament in the Korean Peninsula, as well as encouraging peaceful dialogue between both nations in the hope of restoring diplomatic ties.



How Christopher Steele compiled the dossier

Steele exclaimed one day to friends: “They’re trying to take down the whole intelligence community! … And they’re using me as the battering ram to do it.”



Work and life lessons from a former dominatrix

When it comes to power dynamics and influencing others, former dominatrix Kasia Urbaniak is a seasoned professional. Now, she’s harnessing the skills honed in her past profession – combined with lessons learned in martial arts and Taoism – to empower women.


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