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Ten Life Skills Never Taught But Totally Essential to Happiness

by Confluence
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By: Jeannette Maw

When it comes to creating a successful life, there are a variety of skills we’re told that are important to master, like:

  • time and money management
  • self-discipline
  • accountability
  • persistence
  • interpersonal and communication skills, etc.

Certainly, those are very helpful abilities in navigating our way well through life.

But there are a handful of other competencies that are even more important to happy living.

Here are 10 success skills you probably weren’t taught, but are totally essential to life enjoyment:

1. How to say no.

Most of us were trained to accommodate the desires of others rather than to clearly communicate and honor our own preferences. Even when we do, it’s easy to feel guilty in declining someone’s request. But make no mistake, this is an essential skill for happiness.

2. How to accept rejection.

From the very beginning, we learned to value acceptance and approval from others, which leads to fearful feelings when we’re not getting it. Yet fear of rejection keeps many of us from following our biggest dreams.

3. How to know what you want.

Many of us become experts at discerning what others want, and we prioritize their desires in an attempt to win affection and approval. This is not a habit that leads to personal fulfillment.

4. How to hear inner guidance.

It is a true gift when one is taught to find answers within, and how to listen for and honor that guidance. Little else contributes to successful living more than recognizing and following this inner voice.

5. How to prioritize joy.

Most of us were programmed that work comes first and dessert later – if we’re lucky. We pay our dues up front and hope we earned the reward later on. Stress and misery is too often the result of this life approach.

6. How to put yourself first.

Selfishness is often criticized and selflessness revered in many of our societies. And yet we know how useless we are to the world when we haven’t taken care of ourselves first.

7. How to give up.

We’re encouraged to continue on no matter the pain or cost because if we want something we must work hard for it. And yet nothing we want is upstream, as Abraham reminds us. Do as Communion of Light advises and learn to give up early and often.

8. How to appreciate what is.

More, bigger, better, and faster is the focus for many folks. But if we don’t learn how to appreciate the present moment and enjoy what life offers right now, it’s hopeless that we ever will.

9. How to ask for help.

Jack Canfield opened my mind when he suggested we become “world class askers.” The very idea seemed somewhat immoral. Yet nothing great is ever created in isolation, so learning to invite support is a key success skill.

10. How to receive.

Most of us learned how to be good givers and are actually uncomfortable on the receiving end, even when it’s something as simple as a compliment or a favor. This is a success skill worth mastering since our dreams remain out of reach until we know how to let the goods in.

If you’d like more support in embracing one or more of these missing skills, you can download a complimentary copy of the free ebook here. It’s never too late to embrace a new way of being in support of the life you’ve always wanted.


Jeannette Maw is the official manifesting geek at www.goodvibeblog.com, where you’ll find hundreds of posts and podcasts designed to inspire you to embrace your conscious creation powers.

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