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A Pocket Full of Your Own Personal Genius

by Confluence
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By:  Ellen Rennell – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

I’ve been exploring what genius means to me and seems to be prevalent in this world.


There is the idea of a high I.Q., meaning that you attain genius status, having Masters and PhD’s,
being sought after for your brains and what you can parse out using intellect to solve complex societal problems. Then there is the idea that we all have genius in us, something that we do every day easily and actually without much thought, so we don’t see the genius in this, we just see it as something we do.


We don’t always realize that these everyday actions are actually things others do not understand, either at all, or fully enough to do easily.These abilities that are sometimes innate or something that you perhaps have studied or worked with for so long, that it is second nature, we don’t even realize that we have cultivated our own Pocket of Genius.


So why is this important? 


Personally, I have a talent for seeing where people are out of balance physically, and I have a degree in Dance. I have studied a movement technology called Unity in Motion for the last 35 years. This allows me an understanding as to how to teach others how to move so that straining patterns of movement can change and release.


I have also worked with my husband who has a very difficult form of Muscular Dystrophy for the last 35 years so I actually am a Master in helping people with Movement Issues. I haven’t moved into this full-time because I didn’t really understand how rare my understanding was. However, I find people who are physical therapists and chiropractors understand fully.  I have no degree, beyond the BA I have in Dance, so I’m not a doctor, yet I understand the intricacies of the body and patterns of movement. My skills also are akin to a Nurse, though I have no Nursing degree.


The idea that many of us have mad skills borne out of a passion to learn or necessity, have allowed many of us to live more fulfilling lives. Though there is no public acknowledgment of these skills in an academic sense. They don’t fit the idea that a money making operation might want because you might not fit the trend of the day.


So it’s down to starting your own revolution. This entails real guts, real strength, and yes Genius!
I believe that there is room out in the world for lots of new thought, and ideas. It takes someone who is strong and resilient to step forward without that safety net and put forward very new and needed ideas.


What’s your Pocket of Genius?
Where might it lead you?

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