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Astrology: See a change a-comin’ down the track

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Through the first few weeks of 2019, there was an astrological theme of releasing old crap, and imagining and making way for the new.

Think of it like a ‘softening up’ – a preparation for the big change coming. And if big change sounds alarming, stay with me here.

Ever been skiing?

When you’re at the top of a slope, ready to take off, your body will be telling you to stay upright at all costs. It will be telling you for god’s sake lean back or you’ll fall down this freaking mounting and die!!!

But, in the skiing scenario, your body is wrong.

When you lean forward, down that scary hill, in full defiance of your body’s natural response, you place your weight over the front of the ski, and that allows the metal edges of your skis to bite deep into the snow.

Which means you can steer and brake; you can take full control of your path and your movement and your choices. You can ride the gravity as it pulls you downhill, steering yourself around every bump and twist and turn along the way.

It’s the same here.

Back in May 2018, Uranus visited Taurus for a brief taster, then retreated back into Aries for a few months of Retrograde motion.

This time, it’s full steam ahead as Uranus moves into Taurus in March – and we’re feeling the energy of that building up already.

Uranus, lord of unexpected change and upheaval, spends seven years in each zodiac sign. And that means it’s likely that people in your generation have their Uranus in the same sign as you do – or that sign’s neighbour in the zodiac.

In other words, Uranus has an impact on us not only as individuals, but also as members of a generation; as part of a society.

So the shift from one sign to another affects you and me as individuals (though likely in different areas of life); and it also affects various communities of humans – countries, states, towns, collectives, networks, social media groups.

Uranus represents sudden change.

For the individual, it’s like the leader of our own internal rebel alliance, with its battle cry of ‘my way or the highway!’, kicking down fences and burning bridges and breaking with the old.

For the collective, it’s a challenge to the status quo, sometimes delivered with shattering and disruptive energies if there is a lot of resistance and fear.

Human brains love variety, but they are deeply wary of change, because for our ancestors, change was potentially lethal.

To our brains, Uranus changing sign can feel just as scary as that insanely steep ski slope.

How do you steer most effectively? You lean forward onto your metaphorical skis, by honouring the Uranus in Taurus energy rather than fearing it.

And with Taurus, this is all about the physical – your body, your money, your tangible impact in the world, your physical comfort and your sensory delight.

Here are some tips on how to leverage the impending Uranus in Taurus for your own self, starting just as soon as you can (don’t wait until March)

  • Amp up the ways in which you love your body. Support her to be healthy, but please do it without any of the usual bullshit judgement. That might simply mean listening to her, to begin with. It might mean changing the narrative you carry in your head. It might mean changing some physical, tangible habits to something sustainable that expresses your body love; even something as simple as better hydration.
  • Connect with nature in whatever way you can, and find ways to treasure her. That might mean communing with nature on a daily walk, but it might also mean reducing plastics, eating in a more aware way, finding more sustainable solutions to daily life.
  • Find new ways to explore sensory delight: new tastes, new scents, new textures, new movements, new body positions, new places to hang out. If there’s something you tried fifteen years ago and didn’t like, try it again – you never know. If you still hate it, give yourself a delicious treat for having a try!
  • Let your relationship with your own resources be simple and grounded. Consider ditching consumerism for a while as you let your saving accrue. Find ways to love your money more, and get super clear about which possessions deserve space in your life. It’s no coincidence that the world is hyper-aware of the Marie Kondo phenomenon – and please be sure to engage a resonant-for-you version of whatever you do with your own space.
  • Set clear intentions for the delightfully unexpected, for thrilling surprises, for the amazing to become everyday. You can revisit any daydreaming you did in the recent Sun/Jupiter/Sagittarius party, and dig even deeper into how juicy those possibilities really are
  • Engage the unexpected. Look at the tiny details of how you manage your day-to-day physical, tangible life, and switch things up. If you always put your left sock on first, put on the right first. If you always make coffee before your shower, reverse it. If you clean your top teeth first, try cleaning the bottom row first. Have fun playing with and activating the energy of ‘unexpected’, so your brain can get used to the idea that change can be safe and kinda fun.
  • Avoid any urges to go back and resume an old way of being – the current vibe is all about inhabiting the new and updated version of you. She cannot be bought from a shop or swallowed down your gullet, so if you’ve been using food or shopping or anything else to dull old pain and avoid doing some processing or healing work – this is a good time to make a different choice. If you want help with that, hire a good coach or therapist – I’d suggest Lisa Hayes or me for this kind of work.

For collectives and communities, the Uranus in Taurus dynamic will echo these same themes; and if there is resistance to change from the old [dinosaur] paradigms, the next few years could definitely see some upheaval.

Don’t let that scare you into leaning back up the mountain.

Lean downhill, towards what you want.

When Uranus moves into Taurus, our most potent way of leveraging that energy is to get our hands into something tangible. By all means visualise or pray or script for what you’d like to see. And also, get in there and support those who are doing the tangible practical work, too.

That might mean joining a campaign, going on a march, donating time, energy or money, or promoting what you want online. Find those who are leaning into the reality you prefer, and keep more focus there than on the old paradigms which require shifting. This isn’t about denying what needs to change, but rather it’s about pouring the nourishing energy of optimism and activism into the new.

We can already see the signs of the new, coming forth.

Respect for nature – in Europe and Australia, school kids have been striking in support of climate change action, defying so-called leaders (the old and outmoded) to call for a new paradigm. With the voting age in many countries being 18, those kids will be at the ballot boxes before long – and not a moment too soon.

Simplifying and loving our resources – with a backlash against some of the wilder excesses of consumerism, and even against corruption in the banking industry, there are also rapidly growing movements towards slow food, sustainable solutions, kinder eating, and reducing our collective footprint on the Earth.

We’re seeing a significant, and much needed uptick in the involvement of progressive women in politics around the world. Not enough yet, of course. But a step in the right direction, for sure.

Solid, practical change is already underway. Uranus in Taurus offers the possibility of an extra bit of ooomph.

Uranus is unpredictable, and when he changes sign it’s always with a little end-of-an-era energy.

So although our monkey minds might be quaking in their ski boots at the top of the hill, this uncertainty is Good News for those of us who have decided to be active, conscious participants in the creation of our reality.

An injection of flux means that anything is possible.

So as you stand at the top of this new seven-year ski run, decide how you’d like to approach it. Will you lean up the hill, or down?

I’m pretty sure you’d rather steer the path with confidence and clarity – and that means embracing the changes ahead.

Imagine what you want.

Make it radical and outrageous.

Set intentions for delightful surprises.

Get ready to lean out over the front of your metaphorical skis, yelling ‘WOOHOOOOO!’ at the top of your voice, and prepare to enjoy the ride.

Exact times:

  • Uranus into Taurus – 6 March 2019 3:27am Eastern US time
  • Uranus into Gemini – 7 July 2025 4.45am Eastern US time



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