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School Principal Scores An “F” On This One

by Confluence
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By: Lisa Cavallaro – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

With an opportunity to offer parents advice on how to help their kids not get bullied, this well-meaning elementary school administrator advises parents should teach kids to be “less annoying.”

I love his intention to be helpful on a really difficult topic. But what is “annoying” anyway? Is he saying we should teach kids how to conform to what we “think” someone else’s definition of “not annoying” is?

If so, then I say “ NEVER! ”

My advice to parents: Teach your kids to LOVE the person they are right now… and to never change to suit someone else’s needs.

Encourage kids to see what’s perfect about them right now as they are this very minute. Point out what makes them unique and special. Talk about their gifts and talents. Help them discover what they’re passionate about and help them find ways to use their gifts to explore and pursue their passion.

Tell them there will be people who won’t see them as they see themselves… and that it’s okay. They don’t need them to. Regarding your child’s worth, the only opinion that matters is their own.

Be sure to also tell them the same goes for everyone else too. If your kid “thinks” someone else is “annoying,” that doesn’t mean they are. It’s just your kid’s perception. Everyone else is just as perfect as you are.



Lisa Cavallaro, The Confidence Coach, is an LOA Coach with a solution-focused spin on bullying. She helps parents leverage Law of Attraction to raise kids who are self-confident and have a positive outlook toward peers, school and life. Lisa is the author of No More Drama and ADHD The Natural Way.



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