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Author: Cindie Chavez

Your Feelings Are a Miracle

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen we look at our feelings with no judgment, but with the knowledge that those undesirable feelings can be the source of very important information, our feelings then have the space (non-resistance) to flow, shift, change and evolve into desirable feelings.

Whatever you are feeling today. It’s a miracle.

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How to Say Yes to What You Want

Reading Time: 3 minutesLaw of attraction teachings say our “thoughts become things.” And while I wouldn’t completely disagree, I believe there is more to it. Our thoughts become our beliefs, our beliefs become our stories, our stories create our life. The effect our storytelling has on our real-world experience is immense.

Every day, all the time, we tell stories about who we are. These stories we tell about ourselves are powerful because the way the Universe works is we tell a story over and over and then we create a world that makes it true. We will ALWAYS attract proof.

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Welcome to Walgreens

Reading Time: 3 minutesI imagined how devout Catholics must feel when they’ve been given a blessing by the Pope, or how it must feel to be blessed by the Dalai Lama, or how one would feel being personally greeted by the Queen or complimented by any highly esteemed person. But truly, we all have the capacity to bless someone.

So I began imagining what would shift in my own life if I truly recognized this as fact. If I chose to believe that every time someone welcomes me, or wishes me a nice day, it is a magical blessing that carries a great deal of weight, something that I can be grateful for, something that I never want to take for granted, a sparkling gift to be appreciated.

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The Real Problem with Doreen Virtue’s Unicorn

Reading Time: 3 minutesFollowing the “rules” and practicing one’s chosen belief system in an “all-out” manner isn’t fundamentalism. Some of us like to play full out, heart and soul, in a dot-every-i-and-cross-every-t sort of way. And some of us are more laid back, and choose to engage in a more relaxed way. But fundamentalism doesn’t allow the adherent to choose their participation level. There is no freedom to choose a certain path, or way of navigating that path. Fundamentalism chooses for you, and it’s “our way or the highway”.

Fundamentalism in any form – religious, political, social – is worrisome. It always separates, it never unifies.

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A Full Moon Ritual for Love

Reading Time: 3 minutesRitual is powered by intention. And intention gets amplified by focused attention and emotion. What we focus on expands, and our feelings and emotions are powerful magnifiers for energy.

A ritual is different from a habit. I’ve often referred to my beloved bedtime tea drinking as part of my “nighttime ritual” – and certainly, you can celebrate tea drinking with ritual – in fact, there are whole ceremonies for tea drinking. However, my own nighttime tea drinking is more of a habit than a ritual. However, if I bring intention into the mix, I’m leaning towards ritual because a ritual is imbued with intention.

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