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Author: Cindie Chavez

Permission Granted

Reading Time: 3 minutesSo often we want permission to do, be or have something and when we do not get permission (or assume that we will not) we settle for something else.  We betray our own soul in an effort to keep from disappointing someone else.

There is no shame in wanting to meet someone else’s expectations. We all do it, it feels good to have someone express that they are happy with our work, or pleased with something we’ve done, or approving of some choice we’ve made. Most of us have had a desire to be acknowledged and validated practically from the time we were born.

But when we meet other people’s expectations at the expense of fulfilling our own dreams and desires we are not truly free. We can become trapped in a web of needing approval and permission.

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How to Choose Your Own Adventure

Reading Time: 3 minutesWe do have choices. We get to write our own story. We get to choose our own adventure! And this is the perfect time of year to get moving in a new direction, to write a new chapter.

If you’re feeling ready for something new, but feeling stuck because change feels hard, here are five ideas that will help your first steps toward making a change be a bit easier.

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The Right Time for Resolutions

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe traditional advice regarding Mercury retrograde is this is NOT the time to sign contracts or buy expensive electronics. But what we sometimes don’t hear is that Mercury retrograde IS a great time to revisit, reread, revise, rewrite, rethink, research, and relax. It is a great time to plan, and then when Mercury goes direct, that is the time to act on those plans.

This is how I feel about the “New Year” (the popular one, the one that begins on January 1 – the one that arrives in THE DEAD OF WINTER) – I like to take that time to think, to plan, to brainstorm, and then when spring comes I’m ready to begin taking action to bring those plans to fruition.

I think the ancients had it right with observing a new year at the spring equinox. And this is good news for me, especially right now, since spring has arrived, and I’m finally feeling ready to rock those resolutions.

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“I just want to feel safe.”

Reading Time: 3 minutesHow can I expect to feel safe (in relationship or otherwise) if I am consistently putting out a message to the Universe that safety isn’t really one of my primary concerns?

What is it you want? And how can you begin giving it to yourself?

If your desire is not showing up, these are the questions to ask yourself, because your experience is always going to match your vibration.

When what we say we want isn’t showing up, the clue is often visible in our actions. In these situations, it may very well be true that actions are speaking louder than words, at least vibrationally.

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