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Author: Cindie Chavez


If you’re going to embrace the concept of Karma and Karmic Law, then you’ll have to be willing to understand that it plays out over lifetimes, over decades and even millennium. And every karmic debt gets paid, including yours and mine. We might not know exactly what incurred the debt, but it seems unwise to respond with an energy that will create more of the same.

Instead, why not focus on creating good Karma, the kind that heals the world. The word Karma literally means “action” and it refers to action driven by intention. And as Debasish Mridha so eloquently put it, “A glint of intention initiates the process of creation.”

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The creation process starts with an idea, a wish, a hope or a dream. That dream needs to become a solid intention. There is a much-loved quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goeth that says “At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.” As wonderful and awe-inspiring as it is to imagine the entire power of the Universe conspiring on our behalf, “commitment” is the key concept here. It is our commitment that triggers the conspiracy of support by the magical powers that be, aka “The Universe”.

We may wish for many things, but this wishing faculty of ours is generally a commitment-phobe. It’s easy to see a beautiful thing, declare that “I wish I had one of those!” and then completely forget about it a few moments later. These fleeting wishful thoughts are not of the powerfully creative variety.

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