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Author: Cindie Chavez

Women Have Already Reached the Top

Reading Time: 8 minutesAlthough history books rarely record women’s achievements in anything near equal measure to men’s achievements, women HAVE achieved “it all”. We are doctors and lawyers and Supreme Court judges. We are world leaders. – Even though the United States failed to elect Hillary Clinton as our first woman President, there are plenty of countries that have NOT failed to put a woman in the top leadership position. We are scientists, fighter pilots, authors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, astronauts, teachers, professors, builders, race car drivers, actors, athletes, Olympians, musicians, entertainers, technicians, ministers, entrepreneurs – there isn’t a single field where women have not aspired to, and reached, “the top”.

However, what keeps nagging at me isn’t that we need more women “at the top” (although believe me, it has nagged me plenty) but that we need men to be more comfortable reaching down to what is perceived to be the bottom – the unpaid labor and necessary work that keeps the world turning day after day – the multitude of chores historically given to servants. These tasks are generally carried out by women, both physically and emotionally. The laundry load and the emotional load have predominantly been women’s burden to bear.

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By the Light of the Moon

Reading Time: 5 minutesEach of the moon’s phases supports specific actions we can take to move towards our goals, helping us balance our health, relationships, spirituality, creativity, even our finances. For instance, the “dark moon days” just before the new moon are wonderfully supportive for self-care, pampering, and introspection. The new moon is a great time to start something new, to begin a course of learning, or launch a creative project. When the moon is full it’s a great time to socialize and celebrate.

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This is the Single Most Important Commitment You Can Make

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe measure of our commitment to our self is written all around us in our experience.

Are we taking the time to make sure our needs are met?

Do we spend time getting to know what those needs are?

Do we nurture our souls and recognize the things that bring us joy, peace, happiness?

Do we make the effort to contribute, to reach out and connect with others to find like minds, trusting companions and collaborators?

All these things are evidence of a committed relationship – with yourself. When your needs are met you experience wholeness. There is a saying that “two halves make a whole” – mathematically this may be true, but two people each experiencing wholeness are what makes a healthy couple, one that’s worth the commitment.

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You Are Becoming Your Story

Reading Time: 4 minutesI hear stories every day about people surviving hard places. Once in a blue moon, I hear a story of someone even surviving being kidnapped. Good people, kind people, people who are strong, graceful, resourceful. People who have yet to discover the full spectrum of their own unique gifts, talents, and coping mechanisms. All sorts of people survive accidents, addictions, diseases, bankruptcy, divorce, loss of income, loss of loved ones, and all manner of devastating circumstances. It is easy to be amazed at the sheer tenacity of the human spirit that allows us to walk through a hard place and come out on the other side, triumphant. And yet, we don’t have to let these hard places define us.

Whatever “story” we are telling about ourselves will continually play itself out in our experience.

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Reading Time: 5 minutesIf we need more money we might pray and ask God or Jesus to provide what we need. We might ask “The Universe” for financial help. Maybe we make offerings to Jupiter, or Lakshmi, Ganesha, or the Black Madonnas, or Papa Legba – or a myriad of other deities/entities/energies asking for their help in these weighty matters of money.

But this, to me, sounds like something that happens in relationships that aren’t so healthy. It’s called “triangulation” and it happens when we don’t have a direct connection to someone and we use an intermediary to do that relating and connecting for us. Remember in 7th grade when your friend had a crush on that other friend and wanted you to tell them since you knew them better?

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