Home News Tur, Alberto, Spygate: 3 News Stories You Should Read Today – 5/26/2018

Tur, Alberto, Spygate: 3 News Stories You Should Read Today – 5/26/2018

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In the category of: You know you’ve thought it.

MSNBC anchor Tur on moment Trump won: ‘I can feel the bile in the back of my throat’

“I’ve heard him insult a war hero, brag about grabbing women by the pussy, denigrate the judicial system, demonize immigrants, fight with the pope, doubt the democratic process, advocate torture and war crimes, tout the size of his junk in a presidential debate, trash the media, and endanger my life,” Tur continued.

Tur, 33, adds she fears Trump will be in office 27 years from now at age 98 because he’ll find a way to avoid the two-term limit.

“Does anyone really believe he’ll respect term limits? I have a vision of myself at sixty, Trump at a hundred, in some midwestern convention hall. The children of his 2016 supporters are spitting on me,” Tur writes.




In the category of:  Is it that time of year again already??

Florida and Mississippi declare states of emergency ahead of Subtropical Storm Alberto

Both Florida and Mississippi declared states of emergency Saturday as Subtropical Storm Alberto heads toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott issued the declaration for all 67 counties in his state. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant authorized the use of the National Guard, his office said in a statement.
The first named storm of this season, Alberto is expected to strengthen as it moves up the Gulf this weekend, the National Hurricane Center said, bringing heavy rains and possible floods to Florida and much of the Southeast in the coming days.
“Do not think that only areas in the cone will be impacted — everyone in our state must be prepared,” Scott said in a statement.


In the category of: The last thing anyone really needs is another “gate”.

“Spygate,” the false allegation that the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign, explained

Stefan Halper, a professor and FBI informant, didn’t “spy” on Trump. Here’s what actually happened.

President Donald Trump claims to have uncovered one of the biggest spying scandals in American history — and that the FBI, not Russia, is the culprit.

His allegation centers on a retired university professor in Britain named Stefan Halper. Halper, an American who taught for years at Cambridge University in the UK, has been outed in the press as a secret FBI “informant” who met with several Trump campaign advisers in mid-2016 at the bureau’s behest. The goal of these meetings was allegedly to assess whether there were any real links between the Trump campaign and Russia, enough to fuel a wider investigation.

Trump and Republicans say that Halper was a spy planted in the Trump campaign by the Obama administration “for political purposes” — in other words, to hurt Trump’s electoral chances. The president has dubbed this “SPYGATE,” calling it a “scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before!”

The reality is much less exciting.




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