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20 low to no cost, easy to implement, no excuses, ways to up-level your self-love game right now

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No bubble baths or wine required.

I was talking to a woman this morning about self-love who was legitimately confused about what that actually meant. So, I gave her my standard pep-talk about how love is a verb. When you’re not feeling it sometimes you have to DO it. Treating yourself like someone you love IS self-love.

It was a great talk. I was impressed by it. However, she still gave me a completely blank stare when I was finished.

When you’re paddling against the current just to keep your head above water, self-love or even self-care can feel like training for a marathon you’ll never run.

So, here are 20 low to no cost, easy to implement, no excuses, ways to up-level your self-love game right now.

1.   Eat grown-up food you really enjoy. Fast food and microwave meals are for people without kitchens.

2.   Get rid of all that shit in your closet that doesn’t make you feel like a million bucks – even if it’s all of it. You can start over. Two great outfits is better than a closet full of things that make you feel like hiding.

3.   Get yourself off any gossip-go-rounds you might be taking a spin on. That shit will kill your feel good eventually.

4.   Quit talking to yourself in a way you wouldn’t talk to anyone else.

5.   Start investing in quality over quantity – in your purchasing and your relationships.

6.   Stop multi-tasking your entire life. It’s not good for your brain.

7.   Quit escaping into social media to pass time or numb out.

8.   Take photos of beautiful things – yourself included – you do not necessarily have to post all of them on social media.

9.   Dance more, treadmill less.

10. Replace your ratty sheets and towels with the highest quality gear you can rationally afford.

11. Make a place for your phone and put it there for HOURS during your day – and not just the hours you are sleeping.

12. Get yourself some healthcare professionals on your team. Start with a naturopath or an acupuncturist.

13. Invest more time in skin care than you do in putting on makeup.

14. Drink more tea than coffee.

15. Smile at yourself when you look in the mirror – like a crazy fool who’s madly in love with the woman she sees.

16. Less news, more poetry.

17. Value your own opinion. Follow your own advice. Speak when you need to. Don’t apologize when you aren’t sorry.

18. Give up needing to be right and give up on needing people to like you.

19. Touch yourself more – you won’t bite. I promise.

20. Stop trying to lose weight and start treating your body like she’s a rental and you want to get every dime of your deposit back when you’re ready to return her.



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