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Do You Need a Miracle?

by Confluence
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“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ~ Albert Einstein

Do you need a miracle?

I want to offer you one, at least the beginning of one – the “seeds” of one. I want to help you plant it, and tend it, nurture it. I want to rejoice with you as it sprouts and blossoms.

In those moments when what we need seems impossible or very far away it is often because of how big our need feels. We need a miracle, a huge and seemingly impossible event.

But that’s the thing, like those huge oak trees that grow from acorns…what seems impossible often starts with the possible. This is often a small shift, an intention, a tiny seed of awareness.

Have you heard the term, “the butterfly effect”? The butterfly effect is the idea that the formation of a hurricane is dependent upon whether or not a butterfly on the other side of the world flapped its wings several weeks earlier. I’ve lived through several hurricanes, and they are BIG powerful events. To think that a hurricane could be triggered by the delicate little flap of a fragile little butterfly wing thousands of miles away seems impossible, even ridiculous. But we know that those little fluttering wings have an effect, known as the butterfly effect.

Big things (miracles) begin very small most of the time.

The problem is, when we need that BIG thing it is sometimes difficult to recognize that a small move, a small action, a small shift in perspective, will make any difference at all. And I want to tell you that it WILL. When you are hungry, very, very hungry, when you have a BIG appetite, all you need is a meal. And while you may joke about “being hungry enough to eat a cow” you really couldn’t do it if you tried. In that moment when you feel you are starving, one small meal would make all the difference. It would change things.

When we feel lonely and unloved, and needy…sometimes all we need is a hug, or a few kind words, or a smile, and things change in that moment.

And when things begin to change, even a little bit, we are moving in the direction of a possible miracle. Miracles are not rare. Miracles happen every day, and we can choose to expect them.

And it helps to be looking for them.

I once heard a parable about a Native American walking through Time’s Square in New York City with his friend, a Manhattan resident. Right there amidst the noisy traffic and busy crowds he says to his friend, “Hey, listen, do you hear that? It’s a cricket.” The native New Yorker answers incredulously, “Are you serious? No way do you hear a cricket! With all of these people yelling to one another, taxis with their screeching brakes and honking horns, the subway roaring underneath us – with all of this noise how in the world can you hear a cricket?” The Native American answers, “Well, you have to be listening for it.”

We can take one small step at a time. We can nurture and support each little action. We can remind our self that with each small step we are moving towards our intended outcome.

The little acorn needs sunlight and water and time to grow into that big gorgeous tree.

Take small steps, plant some “seeds” and with the right nurturing and support you will begin to see miracles.

Join a group of like-minded people, surround yourself with supportive friends and family, hire a coach, a mentor, a teacher, seek out useful information and different perspectives – these are important environmental factors that provide the love and the nurturing of you and your ideas, your goals, your intentions…the seeds that will eventually grow into miracles.

Miracles happen every day, and we can choose to expect them.


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