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The MidLife Health and Wellness Summit

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Menopausal symptoms, Fatigue, brain fog, health issues, weight gain and a host of other Midlife issues that can make you feel like life is downhill once Midlife hits.

Midlife Lifestyle Coach Kwavi is hosting a Midlife summit to help Midlifers feel more empowered and become advocates for their health and wellness. She has invited me and 25 other experts to speak at this summit and cover topics like health, nutrition, sex, career, mindset, menopause, cosmetics, parenting and other issues that affect the Midlife woman.

You don’t want to miss this FREE Online Health and Wellness Summit created for Midlifers, those about to go into Midlife and Smart Millennials that want to be prepared for this next phase.

The Summit begins September 17th – 27th. 10 days of inspiring and educational content just for you. Watch or listen in the comfort of your home.

Click here to register. You don’t want to miss it.


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