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Hassan Al Kontar, Baby Trump Blimp, Cohen: 3 Stories You Should Read 11/30/2018

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Mueller starts to piece together Russia puzzle in most significant move yet

Silent for so long, Robert Mueller is beginning to show the public the building blocks of a case that could imperil Donald Trump’s presidency.

In the process, the special counsel is beginning to expose the lies and obfuscations that people around Trump, and the President himself, erected to try to hide multiple, unexplained ties to Russians in, and before, 2016.
He is offering implicit explanations along the way for the President’s oddly solicitous relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
And Mueller is now crossing a red line Trump once warned could prompt his firing — by probing his business empire.
By securing a cooperation agreement with Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, Mueller Thursday scored a motivated witness who has intimate knowledge of Trump’s past business and personal life.


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A giant Trump baby blimp that the president said made him ‘feel unwelcome’ has followed him to the G20 summit in Argentina

A giant blimp depicting President Donald Trump as a baby that he said made him “feel unwelcome” when it greeted him in London in July has followed him to the G20 summit in Argentina.

Of the 20-foot (6-meter) balloon, which hovered 100 feet above Parliament in London during his visit on July 13, the president told the British newspaper The Sun, “I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London.”

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The balloon is now above the Congressional Plaza in Buenos Aires, where the president landed on Thursday to begin critical talks held as part of the G20 summit on Friday and Saturday.




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Stuck in Airport for 7 Months, Refugee is Finally Given a Home Half a World Away Thanks to Canadian Stranger

After spending nine months without a home, Kontar landed in Vancouver earlier this week where Cooper was waiting at the airport to give him a hug and welcome him to Canada.

“I just feel so grateful that things worked out and that he’s here and that he’s safe,” Cooper told reporters at the airport, as Kontar “fought back tears beside her”.

LOOKSyrian Refugee Saves Ontario Wedding With Master Sewing Skills

“I never doubted for a moment that we would get him here,” she added.

Kontar is currently staying at Cooper’s house where there is a bed and warm clothes that were donated by community members. When asked about the future, he says that he is excited to acclimate to the Canadian lifestyle – although he also says that he would rather “use a horse” to travel rather than ever set foot in an airport again.





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