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Your Feelings Are a Miracle

by Cindie Chavez
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Cindie Chavez – ©2019

Today is Valentine’s Day. A holiday that is attached to so many different feelings – in both the desirable and undesirable categories.

Some of my single friends refer to Valentine’s day as “Valloween”. The dread increases as the day approaches. I assume that the real dread is for all of those uncomfortable feelings that may surface. Feelings of loneliness, anger, unworthiness, sadness, and perhaps even jealousy.

Some single women plan “Galentine’s Day Parties” – a time to hang out with their gal friends and celebrate friendship. I’m sure these plans are made with the intention of generating better feelings and memories than Valloween.

In 2011 I found my Valentine, and I married him last year. He is a Valentine that showers me with love and affection including roses, chocolate hearts, fancy dinners, wine, thoughtful gifts, beautiful sentiments and pretty much anything else you can associate with a romantic Valentine’s day experience. And not just on Valentine’s Day, but year round. So many pleasurable feelings.

And before I found my Handsome Sweetheart? Let’s just say I’ve had my share of Valloweens, and not just when I was single. In a previous long-term relationship, Valentine’s day was an exceptional time of dread because I knew how I imagined it could be, and I knew how it would actually be, and there was a huge gap between what I wanted and how it played out – every year. So many painful feelings.

Obviously, we’d all rather experience comfortable, pleasurable, exciting, orgasmic feelings.

We’d all like to avoid the uncomfortable, icky, painful feelings.

But, whatever you are feeling right now – happy, joyful, thankful, elated, passionate, desirous, lonely, sad, angry, jealous, resentful, brokenhearted… every single one of those feelings is a miracle.

Your feelings are a miracle. All of them.

Your feelings are the way your higher self, your wiser self, your inner self, communicates with you.

Your feelings are what I call the Voice of Love. You, in your purest form, the highest and most enlightened part of you, is pure love. And the first and foremost way that part of you communicates is through your feelings and emotions. All of your feelings are giving you some of the most important information about you that you can ever receive.

When we shut those feelings off, or numb them out, or push them down, or turn them away and ignore them we are missing out on a miracle.

The key is to understand that all of those feelings fall into one of two categories – they either feel comfortable to you or they feel uncomfortable.

If they feel comfortable or pleasurable they are letting you know that your needs are being met. When they feel uncomfortable or painful they are letting you know that you’ve got a need that is not being met. That’s all. Simple? Yes. Easy? Not always.

The seemingly easier thing is to just judge the feeling as good or bad. The problem with that is as soon as we judge the feeling as something bad we immediately want to get rid of it.

But what if that feeling is there to tell you something important?

That uncomfortable feeling is letting you know that you are not in alignment with your highest self, telling you that there is something you need and encouraging you to fill the need to alleviate the undesirable feelings. 

When we look at our feelings with no judgment, but with the knowledge that those undesirable feelings can be the source of very important information, our feelings then have the space (non-resistance) to flow, shift, change and evolve into desirable feelings.

Whatever you are feeling today. It’s a miracle.

And whether you’ve got a Valentine or not, be sure to show yourself some love today.  In fact, maybe decide to show everyone in your path some love today.  

Choose Love, Magic will follow.


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Cindie Chavez is known as “The Love & Magic Coach”. She is the creator of MOONTREAT™ –  and she has some great free stuff for you at her website: www.cindiechavez.com




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