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How to Say Yes to What You Want

by Cindie Chavez
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One of the basic principles I communicate to clients is “you can’t have what you want if you don’t know what it is.” I emphasize this truth fairly often in a first coaching session because many times a client will answer, “I don’t know” when asked, “What do you want?”

Gaining clarity around what you want is the first step towards obtaining it. The clearer you can be, the better.

But what about when we think we know what we want, yet we still somehow aren’t able to see it come into our reality?

Possibly it is because we are saying “no” by default.

Law of attraction teachings say our “thoughts become things.” And while I wouldn’t completely disagree, I believe there is more to it. Our thoughts become our beliefs, our beliefs become our stories, our stories create our life. The effect our storytelling has on our real-world experience is immense.

Every day, all the time, we tell stories about who we are. These stories we tell about ourselves are powerful because the way the Universe works is we tell a story over and over and then we create a world that makes it true. We will ALWAYS attract proof.

We mold our life by the stories we tell about ourselves, whether we tell them with actual words (which we do often) or by our actions, and sometimes there is a lot of incongruity in our telling. The melody is there, but the harmony is off.

We say we want certain things (true love, more money, better health, less stress), and yet the broader story we tell of ourselves is saying NO to the very things we claim to desire.

You say you would like to find true love, but your story says “I’m not all that social. I like being alone. I like to stay in. I don’t get out much to meet people.”

You say you want to make more money but your story says “We aren’t like ‘those snobby rich people’. Besides, who would want a house that big anyway? I’m happy to have a paycheck.  I’m proud of my ability to stretch a dollar.”

You say you wish you were in better health but your story says “I’ve never been athletic. I can’t believe how much organic food costs, besides I’ve been eating fast food my whole life.”

You say you want less stress in your life but your story says “I’m a news addict, I basically keep CNN on 24/7 because it’s important to me to keep up with what’s going on in the world.”  

You say you want to feel more rested and in the next breath say, “I’m so glad I can get by on 5 hours of sleep a night because I am super busy!”

See how inconsistent our stories can be with the life we claim to desire?

One of my core philosophies is that the Universe is ALWAYS supporting me –  the caveat is I’ve got to say YES to the things I want in every way I can because what the Universe is actually supporting is the story I’m telling.

We’re always winning the game we’re playing.

When our stories have programmed us to say “no”, whether in words or actions, it’s time for a rewrite, or at the very least some skillful editing.

I want to encourage you to start saying “yes” to the things you want, with your words as well as your actions.

Change your story.  Maybe just a little bit of editing. Maybe a wholly new revised edition.

Get open to new possibilities.

Check out some local events. Meet some new friends. Realize that money isn’t evil.  

Go for a walk. Eat something healthy. Turn the TV off and meditate for 20 minutes.

Take a break from the “news” and break out the art supplies instead. Get some extra sleep.   

Crank up the music and dance. Sing a new song. Smile more.

Say YES.


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