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Month: March 2019

Repeat after me: The Barr Letter is Not the Mueller Report

Reading Time: 4 minutesJUNE 8, 2018: William Barr sends an unsolicited memo to the DOJ berating the Special Counsel investigation and asserting that a sitting President cannot obstruct justice.

NOV 7, 2018: Trump ousts Sessions

DEC 7, 2018: Nominates Barr

FEB 14, 2019: Barr confirmed

MAR 24, 2019: Barr dismisses Mueller report, says Trump is innocent of obstruction

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Spring Into the Season Feeling Fresh and Renewed

Reading Time: 6 minutesSpring has officially sprung. At least in the northern hemisphere we entered the spring season on the Full Moon Spring Equinox last week, and now it’s time to think about spring cleaning.

Now, most people think about washing windows and turning mattresses when they hear the words “Spring Clean”, but I’m talking about a different sort of cleaning. Three different sorts actually, and they all relate to each other in some way or another. They are:

Physically cleaning and detoxing your body.

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Astrology: Venus in dreamland

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe goddess of love, partnership and desire can lose herself in this Neptune-ruled sign, as romance becomes magical, boundaries dissolve, and anything is possible.

Practical strategies fall by the wayside and surrender is the name of the game.

How do you know whether it will be gloriously dreamy or terrifyingly delusional?


You choose.

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3 Stories You Should Read 3/25/2019: Trump aids, Congress, Obstruction

Reading Time: 2 minutesConfluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know. In the category of:  After two years… Mueller told Justice Dept. three weeks ago he wouldn’t reach a conclusion on obstruction Roughly three weeks ago the special counsel’s team told Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that Robert Mueller would not be reaching a conclusion on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice, according to a source familiar with the meeting. The source said that conclusion was “unexpected” and not what Barr had anticipated. Barr released a four-page summary on Sunday...

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Choose Your Own Thoughts

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt really comes down to being willing to take on the responsibility of advertising to yourself.

You are far too powerful to be anything less than radiant in the world. Your power is your thoughts and your focus and you’re in charge of that. A lot of other people will knock on your door, to get inside your head, but you get to decide who you let in, and the way you do that is by thinking your own thoughts. YOU HAVE TO THINK YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. If you don’t it’ll get done for you.

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