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The Right Time for Resolutions

by Cindie Chavez
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New year’s resolutions…ever wonder why so many people abandon those resolutions so quickly? Every year we hear the same stories – on January 2 it’s impossible to find a parking space at the gym, and by January 15 the parking lot is half empty.

Here’s my theory – making (and keeping) a resolution takes resolve, and I believe that is precisely the thing that might be lacking in the bone-chilling dead of winter.

Winter is cold on the part of the globe where I live. And many common resolutions involve things like getting out more, traveling, eating more salads and drinking more smoothies, taking more walks, exercising consistently, learning new skills – and many of those things just don’t seem to fit naturally on my winter calendar.

Environment trumps intention, and a chilly environment just isn’t supportive of some resolutions.

All I want when it’s freezing outside is to snuggle up on the couch with the Handsome Sweetheart, drink hot cocoa, eat popcorn and watch time travel movies. Specifically organic popcorn covered in Himalayan pink salt and grass-fed butter from Ireland – so I’ve convinced myself that it counts towards healthy eating.

I don’t want to “get out more.” I don’t want to eat salad. I don’t want a smoothie. I don’t want to exercise more, unless I can do it in my living room (hello there, yoga mat).

I want to hibernate. I want to stay inside where it’s warm and dry. I want to eat comfort food, snuggle up in a blankie and read. I want to knit. I want to write poems and draw in my sketchbook. I want to spend ample time in quietude learning to listen to my soul. I want to ponder the meaning of life and deliberate on how I can fulfill my purpose in this vast Universe.

And then, I want spring to arrive.

Spring. Just thinking of those beautiful spring mornings is enough to bring a Mona Lisa smile to my face. Because when the red-breasted robins start appearing, when the sun peeks through the clouds, when the trees start budding, and the biting chill in the air gives way to the sublime hopeful warmth of longer days, THAT is when I feel ready. And it feels like a secret super-power rising from the depths of my soul. I’m ready. Ready to make those moves. Ready to have some resolve. Ready to begin creating new things and new directions in my life.

Doesn’t it just seem like nature intends it this way? Winter is for hibernating.

For centuries the “new year” was celebrated at the spring equinox. The spring season just seems to scream “Bring in the NEW!”, her enthusiastic message painted with a colorful expanse of new life and new growth. New plans, new goals, new creations, new directions – all seem more natural at this time.

Keeping certain resolutions during the thick of winter is like finalizing a contract or setting up a computer network during Mercury Retrograde. You can do it, but it might not be hassle-free.

The traditional advice regarding Mercury retrograde is this is NOT the time to sign contracts or buy expensive electronics. But what we sometimes don’t hear is that Mercury retrograde IS a great time to revisit, reread, revise, rewrite, rethink, research, and relax. It is a great time to plan, and then when Mercury goes direct, that is the time to act on those plans.

This is how I feel about the “New Year” (the popular one, the one that begins on January 1 – the one that arrives in THE DEAD OF WINTER) – I like to take that time to think, to plan, to brainstorm, and then when spring comes I’m ready to begin taking action to bring those plans to fruition.

I think the ancients had it right with observing a new year at the spring equinox. And this is good news for me, especially right now, since spring has arrived, and I’m finally feeling ready to rock those resolutions.

If this idea resonates with you, too, you’ll be happy to know that the first new moon of spring happens on April 5, 2019 – just one week away, and it will be the perfect new moon to turn over a new leaf.

Spring has sprung. Are you ready for something new?



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