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Astrology: all is well, and all manner of things will be well

by Janette Dalgliesh
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By:  Janette Dalgliesh – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

I rarely see the stars as cause for alarm or concern, but this week is different.

And that’s not because of the astrology.

It’s because I’m already starting to see conversations out there in the interwebz about the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, implying or stating outright that we’re all headed for hell in a handcart.

For the sake of all that’s good and holy, please, PLEASE ignore all the doom and gloom bullshit!

The conjunction won’t be exact until January 2020, but the effects of it are starting to be felt now and will be at play until the end of December 2020.

Mystic Medusa put it brilliantly in a recent post when she said “If it’s not a schooling, it’s not Saturn. If it does not involve a metamorphosis, it’s not Pluto”.

Saturn links to practical, grounded common sense and the logistics of making things real. The lord of time, he’s not in any rush, and he’s also blazingly effective at helping us stick to our commitments and create strong, effective structures. When Saturn is at play, due diligence is required and nothing flimsy will stay around for long.

Pluto links to that which is hidden. That include our own personal power that lies beneath, awaiting our willingness to transform into an even more potent and authentic version of ourselves. It also includes the hidden structures and systems which exist behind the scenes in most political, social and economic realms (it’s this second one that has some astro-commentators’ knickers in a twist).

The last time these two power player planets were conjunct was back in November 1982, so this kind of astrological event doesn’t happen often in a human lifetime.

For Saturn, the lord of time, it is not an event to be rushed. There is no hard ‘threshhold’ where we stand one side and then suddenly BOOM, we’re on the other side.

For Pluto, god of change, this goes deep, and since it involves that which is hidden, we can sometimes find ourselves resisting transformation out of fear, or clinging to our conviction that how things have always been is the only way they CAN be.

The key is to know that it’s happening, decide that it’s going to be beneficial, and keep our eyes on that decision.

This is deep and slow, not overnight.

But to the outside observer, the transformation might SEEM to happen overnight.

November 1982, when the conjunction happened near my Sun in Libra, saw the beginning of the end of my first marriage – even though I didn’t take action on it, out of fear. For many people, when I finally did follow through it came out of the blue; and it was probably more disruptive than it would have been if I’d acted in a more timely way. That period also saw the beginning of a 20-year career as a performer, as I made the move out of ‘I wonder if I can make a living doing this?’ to claiming my identity as a full-time professional puppeteer. Libra rules relationships, while Sun is about identity. If I’d known anything about astrology back then, chances are those two huge life changes may not have come as quite such a surprise to me, would have been more smooth, and could have been done with greater care and deliberation.

What do we do with this kind of event?

First of all, we don’t let outside voices instill panic, fear or anxiety in our psyche, because walking through a Saturn-Pluto conjunction from a place of drama or helplessness is not strategic or smart.

That might mean skipping a few articles and blog posts for a bit, or turning a very strategic blind eye to memes that set your nerves a-jangling.

Second, we ask – as we always should with astrology – ‘what’s the benefit here, and how do I leverage it?’

Personally, it’s about the opportunity to build a solid and robust platform for yourself and your own real-world dreams. Globally, it’s pretty similar.

For your own life, ask yourself ‘what do I want to create over the next 24 months?’, plan out the magical and mundane steps you’ll need in order to build a solid foundation for that, and embed the plans into your life in a way that supports your capacity to commit.

Even if you’re not sure what you want to make yet, you can start to embed the habits which support a solid foundation. Think daily meditation, body movement that you like, good relationships with a team of health practitioners and checkups planned out, regular magic practice, a good to-do list management strategy.

Notice the feelings, thoughts and behaviours which support your feeling potent, and help you know that you matter. Instil those as regular habits in your daily life.

Notice the habits which don’t, and actively practise eliminating them.

With Saturn and Pluto at play, slow and steady movement, facing in the direction you want to go, provides a fantastic platform for inspiration, transformation and potency.

In the socio-political spheres, where some people are predicting catastrophe and calamity, there is also huge potential benefit, as Saturn brings into play a requirement for good solid foundations.

For example, we might expect to see far better governance – perhaps a tightening up of regulatory frameworks for the finance industry; better global collaboration to ensure giant multinationals pay their fair share of tax; increase in protection for people who work in the access economy worlds of Uber and the like; more robust systems to support fair elections.

And we might find that style without substance no longer has the power it’s had in the past. Political campaigns and business ventures alike will need a clear and robust blend of solid core values and pragmatic plans.

This is great news for people and organisations with an actual vision.

Not so great for those whose approach is based on mere contrarianism, or the search for a quick buck, or a fly-by-night speculation.

With Saturn and Pluto at play, the reality has to match the rhetoric, and if it doesn’t – the schooling will take place with swift and probably unpleasant consequences to the person or organisation which is trying to skip the substance.

There might also be a little adjustment, which as we all know can be uncomfortable for a period. But the overall benefit, whether personal or political, will be worth it.

So, that’s my ‘DON’T PANIC!!’ rant.

My suggestion?

Bookmark this article, call it ‘all will be well’, and any time you see anything about Saturn-Pluto over the next two years that gives you cause for concern, come back here and re-read it.

If you’d like a reliable strategy for handling the taskmaster aspect of Saturn, which can seem a little heavy-handed sometimes, I provide two in this oldie-but-goodie radio episode.

Use this lead-up time to begin planning how you will leverage the potential of this power-player dynamic.

That way, when you do stumble across those voices of doom, you will already have a great strategy for yourself; AND you’ll get to feel a little smug, knowing that while THEY might be flailing in an ocean of panic and drama, YOU will be surfing the waves. Or you could practice compassion and link back to this article for an alternate perspective. And since you’re focusing on what will go right, don’t be surprised if you never even see those voices of doom – go you!

Meanwhile, for this coming week, do a little basking (exact times below), just for the joy of it.

First up, we have the delight of a Full Moon in Libra while Sun moves into Taurus. Both signs are ruled by Venus, so you’d do well to activate feelings of ease, comfort, grace and beauty in whatever way delights you most.

And at almost the same time, Venus herself moves into Aries, home of her lover, Mars, bringing in the action dynamic.

The best way to leverage this lovely combination?

Step 1 – activate some resonant-to-you joy, via physical pleasure, active ease and grace (perhaps via meditation or napping), and beauty in your environment or on your person.

Step 2 – take inspired action, remembering that action can include napping, smelling the roses, meditating, active self-care, as well as the more traditional kinds of action we’re used to.

Rinse and repeat.

Exact times (US Eastern)

19 April, 7:12 AM Full Moon in Libra

20 April, 4:55 AM Sun enters Taurus

20 April,12:10 PM Venus enters Aries

January 2020, Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn



Janette Dalgliesh has a simple mission in life – to help every person unlock their capacity for resonant joy, and live it. A keen student of astrology, brain science, chaos magic, law of attraction and positive psychology, she serves her people through astrology consults, coaching, teaching and writing. Her international clientele raves about her wildly accurate, individualized readings, but she doesn’t do general weekly predictions – for those, Janette recommends Kim Falconer (www.goodvibeastrology.com) and Mystic Medusa (www.mysticmedusa.com). Find Janette on Facebook or via her website – or you might like to pick up her free brain-rewiring resource, Identity Shift 101 here.


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