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What’s On Your Schedule Ten Days From Now?

by Confluence
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By:  Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

A couple of weeks ago I got myself all worked up over some stuff. I’m not talking about a few minutes or even a couple of days worth of worked up. I’m talking more than a week. I was in a vibe flow that was pretty intense and it wasn’t pleasant. At some point mid-vibe breakdown I even thought to myself, “Lisa, you are feeling all of this pretty intensely right now. This is going to come back at you and you aren’t going to like it when it does.”

I woke up this morning and had enough fires to put out that it felt a bit like the proverbial house was burning down. As I worked through the day and checked in with what I was feeling, the feeling itself was very similar to the feeling I was flowing a couple of weeks ago. Although the stories were very different, the feeling itself was the same. Same intensity. Same place in my body.

Although it sucks, it’s valuable information. With that information, I can accurately identify my current “brew time”. What that means to me is right now is this: I know for sure anything I put out intensely is taking about ten days to manifest more of the same in my physical world. Ten days. Knowing that is very helpful.

Today I’m managing the manifested reality of my vibrational output from ten days ago. How I manage that will have a direct correlation to what I experience about ten days from now. What do I want ten days from now? One thing I know for sure is I don’t want more of the same. So, I have to clean up this stuff with a much better attitude than the attitude I used to create it and here’s where it’s easy to get stuck in a spin cycle.

What I was managing three weeks ago was the end of the campaign. A lot of stress and drama. What I created from that was coming home from the campaign to a lot of stress and drama that went on for several days. Ten days ago was about the epicenter of that.

Today I’ve got a lot of stress and drama, nothing really all that bad, nothing really to worry about, but the feelings are back. If I want out of this cycle, I have to start feeling my way through stress and drama very differently. If I don’t like what I created, it’s not about doing differently as much as it is about flowing differently which takes some intentional focus.

Law of attraction is remarkably consistent. It doesn’t make exceptions and you can’t apply for an exemption. My feelings today are creating my reality tomorrow so it’s in my best interests to choose those feelings wisely. That’s why it’s call “deliberate” creation. It’s challenging when you have to manage the creation of a sh*t storm from yesteryear or last week. However, it’s a relief to understand the process because I know I can always turn things around – which I am, right this very moment!


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