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You Don’t Need Fixing

by Confluence
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By: Lisa M. Hayes – Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

So, it’s January 2 and you’ve got a newly minted list of things you’d like to change, upgrade, or improve about your life, your body, or maybe your money. Statistics show the vast majority of us make New Year’s resolutions. Even people who won’t admit to making resolutions usually do.

I’m here for that all day long, as long as you’re wanting more for yourself because you totally deserve it and you’re excited to give yourself all the good stuff.

But on January 2, that’s not usually what it is, right?
Usually the new year ushers in waves of reminders of the things we didn’t accomplish the year before. There is a lot of renewed motivation to improve yourself that’s really self-loathing in disguise.

I’m going to tell you something I hope you already know –
You can’t lose enough weight to feel worthy.
You can’t make enough money to feel worthy.
You can’t change enough things in your life to be happy in your own skin if you’re doing it because you don’t believe you are totally deserving AS YOU ARE NOW. Nothing has to change for you to love yourself.

I’m all in for more, more things that make you feel completely alive –
less things that make you feel numb.

I’m all in for investing in yourself so you can grow your capacity for joy and vitality –
less things that make you feel stuck, hidden behind an addiction for sameness and safety or shame.

I’m all in for more taking care of yourself and your body like you are a treasure worthy your own absolute devotion –
less things that feel like fixing yourself for any reason or anyone.

There are multi-billion dollar industries out there that profit off your insecurities. There are too many voices competing for your time, money, and attention. They never want you to feel young enough, pretty enough, thin enough, or successful enough. If you feel whole and complete as you are they wouldn’t get your time money or attention anymore.

IGNORE THOSE VOICES and any other voices that make you question your perfection. Imagine a world where you didn’t invest a dime in anything that is trying to sell you a “better” version of yourself.

Seriously, if the only goal, intention, or resolution you make this year and all years is to honor the magnificence that is already YOU, you’re all set.
If you commit to loving yourself the way you want to be loved REGARDLESS of any nonsense about deserving, you’re winning the game by not playing it at all.

You don’t need another class.
You don’t need another guru.
You don’t need fixing.
You don’t need permission to be blissfully happy and fully awake in your life AS YOU ARE NOW AS OF TODAY.

Happy 2020.
Soak it in.
Be you, do you, for you.


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