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Escaping the Unwanted Things in Life

by Confluence
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By: Ruby Gangadharan: Confluence Daily is your daily news source for women in the know.

Imagine if we could snap our fingers and everything that isn’t working for us magically disappears. Situations, people…everything. It all fixes itself and transforms into what we dreamed it should be.

Many of us use transformation tools and self-help techniques to achieve exactly this. The promise of using a tool to change something external is just too tempting to pass up. And we pursue this goal with dedication and gusto.

Little do we realize that our drive to control and alter the external is a kind of escapism masked as transformative work.

When we take transformation tools and use it exclusively to intend and impact our external reality we set ourselves up as the ostrich that sticks its head in the sand.

Nothing to see here folks!


The bitter pill to swallow is that the qualities within us are the same qualities being reflected back to us through our life experiences.

When less than ideal people and situations show up in our lives, they show up because we carry within us qualities that are calling cards for these less than ideal experiences. Like a magnet pulling another magnet.

For example, when we are at the receiving end of anger, hate, jealousy, impatience it is because we hold these energies within us.

So also, when we are at the receiving end of love, patience, gratitude, support it is because we hold these energies within us.

The emotions that vibrate strongest within us act as the magnets that pull similar experiences to us.

When we ignore certain emotions or suppress the negative energies within us and at the same time attempt to use transformation tools in the hopes of making a change, it sets us up to fail. It’s an uphill, unnecessarily difficult path we pave for ourselves. It is no wonder many either don’t have the success with them or aren’t able to hold the progress in their life for too long.

Escaping the unwanted things in life by ignoring them can provide a short temporary relief and sometimes that breather helps. But it cannot be the go-to solution because sooner or later those energies will manifest back into our life and the suppression will stunt our spiritual progress.

When unwanted things show up in life, they show up because the universe is giving us opportunities to heal and work those energies that lie within us. It is a chance for us to cleanse and upgrade our energy body.

Each person, every situation will continue to hover in and around our experience till we’ve learned what we need to from it and we’ve managed to upgrade that energy within us.

That childhood trauma, that difficult relationship, that mistreatment of another; whatever it is that’s causing us to look for transformative work, it requires us to remove those energies from within us.

Whatever is being dished out, we must look within to see where in our life are we matching that energy.


For example:

If we are being ignored: Who are we ignoring?

If we are being judged: Who are we judging?

If we are being taken advantage of: Who are (have) we taking (taken) advantage of?

If we aren’t be supported: who are we not supporting even though we could?

If we are conned: who did we (try to) deceive?


When great spiritual masters talk about the journey being within or when they talk about the answers being within us; they refer to the energies we carry inside of ourselves.

Change and improve the energies inside, the outside is no big deal. It will shift without much intervention from us.


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Ruby is a Spiritualist & Dog lover, Energy Coach & Pranic Healer, Deliberate Creator, Writer & Speaker, Yoga Teacher & Practitioner. A forever creative and her virtual address is www.everydayloamagic.com
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